Rolling Thunder An Anarchist Journal of Living Dangerously

Crimethinc (Editor)


Publisher: CrimethInc
Format: Magazine
Binding: magazine/journal
Pages: 154
Released: June 1, 2015

The centerpiece of this new issue (#12) is a 64-page feature on the uprising against police and white supremacy that spread from Ferguson, Missouri across the United States. Crimethinc urges everyone to read the debrief discussion in which Missouri anarchists reflect on their role in predominantly black struggles and the ramifications of joining confrontations that include arson and gunfire. The issue is filled out with raw and inspiring accounts from the streets of Ferguson, Oakland, and beyond; critiques of political cooptation and the politics of demands; narratives about destroying surveillance cameras; a discussion about the function of biopower in jails and cancer wards; anarchist analyses of sex work; interviews with Turkish anarchists who participated in the resistance to ISIS in Kobanê; poetry of the Egyptian revolution; comics about the celebrated riot dog Loukanikos; the life of Biófilo Panclasta; history vs. mythology, tactics vs. strategy, peace vs. justice—and much, much more. All this, plus our regular features, gorgeous artwork and photographs, and 16 pages in full color. Fully 154 pages!

Equally great back issues still available, too!

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