Resist Grand Juries T-Shirt or Tank Top (Fundraiser for Chelsea Manning's Legal Fund)


Format: T-Shirt
Released: April 3, 2019

Grand jury resistance anywhere strengthens all of our movements. NC Resists the Grand Jury & AK Press present these Resist Grand Juries shirts to raise funds to donate to Chelsea Manning as she resists a federal grand jury, and in solidarity with all grand jury resisters and their communities and everyone resisting the daily violence of the state and the criminal legal system.

On March 8th, 2019 Chelsea Manning was remanded into federal custody for her refusal to testify before a federal grand jury. In a statement, her support committee said, “By resisting this grand jury, Chelsea has made the same sacrifice as dozens of activists before her, who have opposed the grand jury system at the expense of their own freedom. Chelsea has already served prison time for standing up against government secrecy and revealing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know, and so does the government, that she will not turn tail and allow this shadowy grand jury to eclipse her legacy of speaking truth to power."

Chelsea has asserted, "I will not participate in a secret process that I morally object to, particularly one that has historically been used to entrap and persecute activists for protected political speech."

After being released for one week and subpoenaed to a second grand jury, Chelsea was again remanded into custody on May 16th for her continued resistance. In addition to being held in confinement for the duration of the Grand Jury investigation or until she purges her contempt and testifies, District Court Judge Anthony Trenga ordered Chelsea to be fined $500 every day she is in custody after 30 days and $1,000 every day she is in custody after 60 days. Read more from her lawyers here.

Follow news about Chelsea's case and ways you can support her on Twitter and at Contribute directly to her legal fund here.

Artwork by The Tiny Fire. White and red print on a black, American-made unisex t-shirt or tank top.

Please note: this design is printed to order and will ship within a week. Because this is a fundraiser, this item is not eligible for any discounts or sales.

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