Re-Organise #3: Strategy A Guide for Cooperatives

LUCOOP (Editor)


Publisher: Dog Section Press
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Pages: 18
Released: October 20, 2022

Re-Organise is a project aimed at promoting alternative ways of organising. Organising differently means critically examining the habits, norms, expectations, and demands of the mainstream ways of doing business and proactively exploring and experimenting with new ones.

This is one small piece of a much larger struggle to help us re-organise not just our organisations, but how we live together as a society.

From the introduction:

"In this booklet, we want to consider some different approaches to strategy in organisations—to examine mainstream strategic advice and consider some iddeas for people and organisations doing things differently. We've deliberately not defined what we mean by 'doing things differently'—you might be a cooperative, a social enterprise, or an informal projecct. If your organisation is democratically controlled and/or has aims beyond simply making a profit, this booklet is for you."

Re-Organise is developed by the Loughborough University Cooperative Organisation Development Programme (LUCOOP), which brought together academics and cooperative development bodies to produce this and the other booklets in the series.


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