The Rag


Publisher: Revolutionary Anarchafeminist Group
Released: March 23, 2009

A fantastic 'zine from some folks organizing in Dublin, Ireland. Here's what the writers and producers have to say about their work in The Rag:

"The Rag is a magazine produced by a diverse group of anarcha-feminist women in Dublin. We are all feminists, united in our recognition that women's subordination exists. Our struggle needs to be fought alongside the struggle against other forms of oppression, not treated as an afterthought or as a distraction. We are all anarchists, united in our belief for the need to create alternatives to this capitalistic, patriarchal society wherein all are dominated and exploited.

Although anarchism is, in theory, inherently feminist, the reality is often quite different. The Rag was created out of a need to bring feminist issues into mainstream anarchist sphere. We hope the magazine will contribute to a change in anarchists' organising, on all levels. We desire a fully participatory role for women in anarchism."
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