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  1. Wasting Libby

    Wasting Libby

    The True Story of How the WR Grace Corporation Left a Montana Town to Die

    Andrea Peacock


    "Andrea Peacock is an excellent reporter—the reader trusts her quiet voice immediately. She is also a skilled interviewer, intelligent and empathetic, with a sure ear for telling gesture,...

  2. Dispersing Power

    Dispersing Power

    Social Movements as Anti-State Forces

    Raul Zibechi


    Raúl Zibechi is one of Latin America's leading political theorists. This, his first book translated into English, is an historical analysis of social struggles in Bolivia and the forms of...

  3. Uses of a Whirlwind

    Uses of a Whirlwind

    Team Colors Collective


    In the midst of a moment defined by international crises, community devastation, increasing injustice, and ruptures in the fabric of everyday life, winds of resistance continue to emerge and to...

  4. We Are an Image From the Future

    We Are an Image From the Future

    The Greek Revolt of December 2008

    Tasos Sagris


    What causes a city, then a whole country, to explode? How did one neighborhood's outrage over the tragic death of one teenager transform itself into a generalized insurrection against State and...

  5. Anarchism and the City

    Anarchism and the City

    Revolution and Counter-revolution in Barcelona, 1898–1937

    Chris Ealham


    モA magnificent, revelatory history of a city of slums and a proletariat of hope. The best book that I've read in the last decade."―Mike Davis, author of City of Quartz, Planet of...

  6. Anarchism and Its Aspirations

    Anarchism and Its Aspirations

    Cindy Milstein


    From nineteenth-century newspaper publishers to the participants in the "battle of Seattle" and the recent Greek uprising, anarchists have been inspired by the ideal of a free society of free...

  7. Academic Repression

    Academic Repression

    Reflections from the Academic Industrial Complex

    Steven Best, Anthony J. Nocella, II


    "This book puts the lie to the myth of academic freedom and that the university is an unabashed training ground for radicals."—Richard Kahn, University of North Dakota"Essential...

  8. How the Economy Was Lost

    How the Economy Was Lost

    The War of the Worlds

    Paul Craig Roberts


    The US economy has disintegrated, and with it into the abyss plummet the blueprints of neoliberal economists, whose theories about "the free market" have now gone the way of medieval alchemy. No...

    Not yet published

  9. How the Economy Was Lost e-book

    How the Economy Was Lost e-book

    The War of the Worlds

    Paul Craig Roberts

    $15.99 $11.99

    The US economy has disintegrated, and with it into the abyss plummet the blueprints of neoliberal economists, whose theories about "the free market" have now gone the way of medieval alchemy. No...

  10. Common Ground in a Liquid City

    Common Ground in a Liquid City

    Essays in Defense of an Urban Future

    Matt Hern


    If we want to preserve what's still left of the natural world, we need to stop using so much of it. And cities are the best chance we have left for a sustainable future ... but only if they...

  11. Come Hell or High Water

    Come Hell or High Water

    A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry

    Richard Singer


    Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry helps individuals navigate the world of egalitarian, directly democratic groups. From their experiences working with...

  12. Yellowstone Drift

    Yellowstone Drift

    Floating the Past in Real Time

    John Holt


    In a time when everything seems to be regulated, controlled, and monitored, Yellowstone Drift is a refreshing and often exhilarating look at the natural wonder of Montana's Yellowstone...

  13. The Battle of the Story of the "Battle of Seattle"

    The Battle of the Story of the "Battle of Seattle"

    David Solnit


    With the World Trade Organization in retreat globally, do we remember the seeds of the anti-capitalist movements that blossomed and, in 1999, brought Seattle to a standstill? This collection...

  14. You Don't Have To Fuck People Over To Survive

    You Don't Have To Fuck People Over To Survive

    Seth Tobocman


    New York, 1989: as a decade of activism around the urban housing crisis and beyond comes to a close, legendary graphic artist Seth Tobocman is there to document it all in his bold comic...

  15. You Don't Play With Revolution

    You Don't Play With Revolution

    The Montréal Lectures of C.L.R. James

    CLR James


    Revolution is a serious business, and C.L.R. James knew more than most. Our brand-new collection presents eight never-before-published lectures by the celebrated Marxist cultural critic, delivered...

  16. Sparking A Worldwide Energy Revolution

    Sparking A Worldwide Energy Revolution

    Social Struggles in the Transition to a Post-Petrol World

    Kolya Abramsky


    The world's energy system is on the verge of far reaching change, and its future is up for grabs.A worldwide struggle over who controls the sector, and for what purposes, is...

  17. Italian Anarchism, 1864–1892

    Italian Anarchism, 1864–1892

    Nunzio Pernicone


    From the First International to the 1872 Anti-Authoritarian International, from government suppression and anarchist insurrection to Errico Malatesta's prominent role in resurrecting the anarchist...

  18. Direct Action

    Direct Action

    An Ethnography

    David Graeber


    In the best tradition of participant-observation, anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first detailed ethnographic study of the global justice movement. Starting from the assumption that,...

  19. Mythmakers & Lawbreakers

    Mythmakers & Lawbreakers

    Anarchist Writers on Fiction

    Margaret Killjoy


    The best fiction has always been a little...dangerous. For centuries, authors have used the veil of fiction to cast a critical eye toward the larger society around them: think of Emile Zola,...

  20. Sobre el Anarquismo

    Sobre el Anarquismo

    Noam Chomsky


    "El legado de las ideas anarquistas, y aun más, de las inspiradoras luchas de los pueblos que han buscado liberarse de la opresión y la dominación, debe ser atesorado y...

  21. A Living Revolution

    A Living Revolution

    Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement

    James Horrox


    Against the backdrop of the early development of Palestinian-Jewish and Israeli society, James Horrox explores the history of the kibbutz movement: intentional communities based on cooperative...

  22. The Green Zone

    The Green Zone

    The Environmental Costs of Militarism

    Barry Sanders


    "Here's the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed, head first and at full speed, toward total...

  23. Arm the Spirit

    Arm the Spirit

    A Woman's Journey Underground and Back

    Diana Block


    In June 1985, Diana Block, her two-week-old son, and five companions fled Los Angeles after finding a surveillance device in their car. Facing the possibility of arrest because of her militant...

  24. Spell Albuquerque

    Spell Albuquerque

    Memoir of a "Difficult Student"

    Tennessee Reed


    "I'm not like them," Tennessee Reed would tell her teachers to get them to see that the approach they used for students with "normal" brains didn't always work for her. As it turned out, she was...

  25. A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917 to 1945

    A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917 to 1945

    David Berry


    David Berry's study is the first English-language evaluation of the development and lessons of the French anarchist movement between the wars. Using an impressive array of archival sources and...

  26. Shutdown


    The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War

    Sticks and Stones Collective


    On March 20, 2003—the day after the war started—San Francisco was brought to a grinding halt by thousands of activists who occupied the streets to oppose the war. It was a mass uprising...

  27. Suffled How it Gush

    Suffled How it Gush

    A North American Anarchist in the Balkans

    Shon Meckfessel


    Shon Meckfessel appropriates the peculiar slogan of an Albanian mineral water company as the title for this uniquely intellectual book. Equal parts journalism, history, and personal memoir,...

  28. Dynamite


    The Story of Class Violence in America

    Louis Adamic


    The history of labor in the United States is a story of almost continuous violence. In Dynamite, Louis Adamic recounts one century of that history in vivid, carefully researched detail....

  29. Waiting for Lightning to Strike

    Waiting for Lightning to Strike

    The Fundamentals of Black Politics

    Kevin Alexander Gray


    The year that saw an African-American run for the presidency as the nominee of the Democratic Party for the first time in U.S. history also witnessed a truly remarkable silence—one that was...

  30. We The Anarchists!

    We The Anarchists!

    A Study Of The Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927–1937

    Stuart Christie


    At last! A serious examination of the legendary FAI. And hence, by necessity, a history and analysis of the organised anarchist movement in Spain, and its relationship with the wider labor...

  31. Hammered by the Irish

    Hammered by the Irish

    How the Pitstop Ploughshares Disabled a U.S. Warplane—With Ireland's Blessing

    Harry Browne


    "We come to Shannon Airport to carry out an act of life-affirming disarmament in a place of preparations for slaughter."On a damp night in February 2003, as the U.S. prepared to...

  32. Born Under a Bad Sky

    Born Under a Bad Sky

    Notes from the Dark Side of the Earth

    Jeffrey St. Clair


    "Movement reporting on a par with Mailer's Armies of the Night"—Peter Linebaugh, author of Magna Carta Manifesto and The Many-Headed Hydra.Hold on tight as...

  33. Abolition Now!

    Abolition Now!

    Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex

    CR-10 Publications Collective


    Today, over seven million people live under the control of U.S. jail, prison, probation, or parole systems—the vast majority of them people of color and young people. Between 2000 and 2007,...

  34. Disaster and Resistance

    Disaster and Resistance

    Comics and Landscapes for the 21st Century

    Seth Tobocman


    "For years now Seth Tobocman has been taking on the powers that be for all of us. He's not slowing down either—check out the contents of this volume." —Harvey Pekar, comics guru, music...

  35. Red State Rebels

    Red State Rebels

    Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland

    Jeffrey St. Clair


    A Red States rebellion is breaking out. It's been going on for some time. The stakes are high and the odds are long and the battles are waged over the essentials of life: water, food, wilderness,...

  36. Real Utopia

    Real Utopia

    Participatory Society for the 21st Century

    Chris Spannos


    What if we had direct control over our daily lives? What if society's defining institutions-those encompassing economics, politics, kinship, culture, community, and ecology-were based not on...

  37. Free Comrades

    Free Comrades

    Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States

    Terrence Kissack


    By investigating public records, journals, and books published between 1895 and 1917, Terence Kissack adds a new foundation to the history of homosexuality in the United States. The anarchist...

  38. An Anarchist FAQ: Complete Set

    An Anarchist FAQ: Complete Set

    Volumes 1 & 2

    Iain McKay

    $50.00 $35.00

    These exhaustive volumes seek to provide answers for the curious and critical about anarchist theory, history, and practice. More a reference volume than a primer, An Anarchist FAQ eschews...

  39. Nowtopia


    How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today

    Chris Carlsson


    Outlaw bicycling, urban permaculture, biofuels, free software, and even the Burning Man festival are windows into a scarcely visible social transformation that is redefining politics as we know it....

  40. The Russian Anarchists

    The Russian Anarchists

    Paul Avrich


    In the turmoil of the Russian insurrection of 1905 and civil war of 1917, the anarchists attempted to carry out their program of "direct action"—workers' control of production, the creation...

  41. The Conquest of Bread

    The Conquest of Bread

    Peter Kropotkin


    The fourth in AK Press' Working Classics series, The Conquest of Bread is Peter Kropotkin's most extensive study of human needs and his outline of the most rational and equitable means of...

  42. The Conquest of Bread e-book

    The Conquest of Bread e-book

    Peter Kropotkin


    The fourth in AK Press' Working Classics series, The Conquest of Bread is Peter Kropotkin's most extensive study of human needs and his outline of the most rational and equitable means of...

  43. Partisanas


    Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945)

    Ingrid Strobl


    Common perception of women during wartime relegates them to the sidelines of history—working in munitions factories, or waiting for their men to return. The truth is that much of the...

  44. Everywhere All the Time

    Everywhere All the Time

    A New Deschooling Reader

    Matt Hern


    What's wrong with our education?—School!Debates about education often revolve around standardized testing, taxes and funding, teacher certification—everything except how...

  45. Possibilities


    Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire

    David Graeber


    "If anthropology consists of making others logically compelling in their own cultural settings and intellectually revealing of the human condition, then David Graeber is the consumate...

  46. Possibilities e-book

    Possibilities e-book

    Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire

    David Graeber

    $22.99 $17.24

    "If anthropology consists of making others logically compelling in their own cultural settings and intellectually revealing of the human condition, then David Graeber is the consumate...

  47. My Mother Wears Combat Boots

    My Mother Wears Combat Boots

    A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

    Jessica Mills


    Jessica Mills is a touring musician, artist, activist, writer, teacher, and mother of two. Disappointed by run-of-the-mill parenting books that didn't speak to her experience, she set out to write...

  48. Making A Killing

    Making A Killing

    The Political Economy of Animal Rights

    Bob Torres


    Suggest to the average leftist that animals should be part of broader liberation struggles and—once they stop laughing—you'll find yourself casually dismissed. With a focus on labor,...

  49. Tipping the Sacred Cow

    Tipping the Sacred Cow

    The Best of LiP, Informed Revolt 1996–2007

    Brian Awehali


    "Funny, refreshing, intelligent, and outrageous!"—Howard Zinn "In an era when most political magazines in the U.S. ranged from the tepid to the tedious there was...

  50. Granny Made Me an Anarchist

    Granny Made Me an Anarchist

    General Franco, The Angry Brigade and Me

    Stuart Christie


    "This fascinating personal account offers a remarkable picture of the late-20th century, seen through sensitive eyes and interpreted by a compassionate, searching soul."—Noam Chomsky, author...

  51. Beyond Bullets

    Beyond Bullets

    The Suppression of Dissent in the United States

    Jules Boykoff


    Focusing on a variety of movements for political, social, and economic change in the US, Jules Boykoff shows the tools used by government agents to undermine the long-term viability of opposition...

  52. Constituent Imagination

    Constituent Imagination

    Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization

    Erika Biddle


    From the ivory tower to the barricades! Radical intellectuals explore the relationship between research and resistance.What is the relationship of radical theory to movements for...

  53. Live from the Armed Madhouse

    Live from the Armed Madhouse

    Greg Palast


    "Upsets all the right people."—Noam Chomsky"Doggedly independent, undaunted by power. His stories bite, they're so relevant they threaten to alter history" —Chicago...

  54. End Times

    End Times

    The Death of the Fourth Estate

    Alexander Cockburn


    We can no longer trust that our journalists are reporting the news without underlying corporate or governmental agendas. The US government deregulates radio and right-wing Clear Channel gobbles up...

  55. A Bush & Botox World

    A Bush & Botox World

    Saul Landau


    Gore Vidal on Saul Landau: "Landau has opened many windows for the rest of us: parts of the world, where we are not usually allowed to know about except to be told how wretched they are."A...

  56. The Price of Fire

    The Price of Fire

    Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia

    Benjamin Dangl


    New social movements have emerged in Bolivia over the "price of fire"—access to basic elements of survival like water, gas, land, coca, employment, and other resources. Though these movements...

  57. An Anarchist FAQ

    An Anarchist FAQ

    Volume I

    Iain McKay


    This exhaustive volume, the first of two, seeks to provide answers for the curious and critical about anarchist theory, history, and practice. More a reference volume than a primer, An Anarchist...

  58. Horizontalism


    Voices of Popular Power in Argentina

    Marina Sitrin


    December 19, 2001, marked the beginning of a popular rebellion in Argentina. After IMF policies led to economic meltdown and massive capital flight, millions of Argentinians poured into the streets...

  59. To Remember Spain

    To Remember Spain

    The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936

    Murray Bookchin


    In the essays that make up this book, Murray Bookchin places the Spanish Anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist movements of the 1930's in the context of revolutionary worker's movements of the...

  60. What We Want, What We Believe

    What We Want, What We Believe

    The Black Panther Party Library

    Roz Payne


    "The invaluable Movement documentaries Newsreel produced furthered the work of the Black Panther Party and now provide the essential visual record of the Party's early days. This new DVD...

  61. Talking the Walk

    Talking the Walk

    A Communications Guide for Racial Justice

    Hunter Cutting


    Talking the Walk is an incomparable resource for learning to discuss and spin issues of race and racial justice. Hunter Cutting and Makani Themba-Nixon help build the capacity of progressive...

  62. Subversion of Politics

    Subversion of Politics

    European Autonomous Social Movements And The Decolonization Of Everyday Life

    George Katsiaficas


    Since the modern anti-globalization movement kicked off with the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, a new generation has been engaging in anti-capitalist direct action. Its aims, politics, lifestyles,...

  63. War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    Robert Fisk


    "...He's like no reporter from the Mideast we get in the McPapers of America."—Greg Palast"As a war correspondent he is unrivaled."—Financial Times"The most...

  64. Vision on Fire

    Vision on Fire

    Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution

    David Porter


    This carefully chosen collection features the most important writings from the turbulent last four years of Emma Goldman's life. It serves as an incredible follow-up to her popular autobiography,...

  65. Clandestines


    The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile

    Ramor Ryan


    Ramor Ryan's pirate journals read like Che's Motorcycle Diaries infused with Hunter S. Thompson's wit and flair for the impossible. A shrewd political thinker and philosopher, with a knack...

  66. Anarchism in America DVD

    Anarchism in America DVD

    Steven Fischler


    Two fascinating documentaries on one DVD. Both are the work of Emmy and Guggenheim Award-winning filmmakers, Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher. In the first, Anarchism in America, the two take...

  67. Igniting A Revolution

    Igniting A Revolution

    Voices in Defense of the Earth

    Steven Best


    Global warming, acid rain, deforestation, air and water pollution are but a few of the overwhelming indicators that the earth's health is worsening. For decades, environmental groups have been...

  68. Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

    Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

    Abel Paz


    "Durruti was the ultimate working-class hero: carrying the future in his heart and a gun in each pocket. Abel Paz's magnificent biography resurrects the very soul of Spanish anarchism." –Mike...

  69. A Singsong and A Scrap

    A Singsong and A Scrap



    This new, mainly acoustic Chumbawamba album is, for the first time, a collection of songs, pure and simple. Songs with a radical voice, songs with those same old same old Chumbawamba fourpart...

  70. Rebel Alliances

    Rebel Alliances

    The Means and Ends of British Anarchisms

    Benjamin Franks


    Rebel Alliances offers an applied philosophical perspective on contemporary class-struggle anarchism in Britain. It identifies the main principles distinguishing this tradition from...

  71. Outlaws of America

    Outlaws of America

    Dan Berger


    Outlaws of America brings to life America's most famous renegades, the Weather Underground. Based on detailed and original research, it is a gripping account of the actions and motivations...

  72. The Imperial Presidency

    The Imperial Presidency

    Sovereignty, Terror, and the "Second Superpower"

    Noam Chomsky


    It's Noam Chomsky vs. the Bush Regime in this much-anticipated spoken-word release. Recorded in November 2004, just after the reelection of George W. Bush, Chomsky pinpoints the principle...

  73. The Trouble With Music

    The Trouble With Music

    Mat Callahan


    "The Trouble with Music isn't anything like most books about music. Those other books start by assuming that today's music world looked just the same yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. Mat...

  74. Starlight on the Rails

    Starlight on the Rails

    A Songbook

    Utah Phillips


    Starlight on the Rails is the most complete collection of Utah Phillip's songs ever released. Spanning 30 years of studio, live, and unreleased recordings from "The Golden Voice of the Great...

  75. Robert F. Williams

    Robert F. Williams

    Self Respect, Self Defense, & Self Determination

    Robert F. Williams


    Robert Williams is one of the most important figures in the history of the black freedom movement... Thanks to the Freedom Archives and the work of his widow Mabel Williams, his story will be...

  76. Free Women Of Spain

    Free Women Of Spain

    Anarchism And The Struggle For The Emancipation Of Women

    Martha A. Ackelsberg


    Cowards don't make history; and the women of Mujeres Libres (Free Women) were no cowards. Courageous enough to create revolutionary change in their daily lives, these women mobilized over 20,000...

  77. Adicto a la Guerra

    Adicto a la Guerra

    Por qué EEUU no puede librarse del militarismo

    Joel Andreas


    The first Spanish language edition of the best selling illustrated expose of U.S. military policy. AK Press's first foray into Spanish language publishing.

  78. The Ecology of Freedom

    The Ecology of Freedom

    The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy

    Murray Bookchin


    Bookchin's crowning work. "The most systematic articulation of ideas." —San Francisco Review of Books"...a confirmation of his [Bookchin's] status as a...

  79. No Gods No Masters

    No Gods No Masters

    An Anthology of Anarchism

    Daniel Guerin


    Guérin's classic anthology of anarchism translated and reprinted, available for the first time in a single volume.It details a vast array of unpublished documents, letters, debates,...

  80. An Issue of Justice

    An Issue of Justice

    Origins of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

    Norman Finkelstein


    Finkelstein breaks down the history, causes and consequences of the Israel/Palestine conflict, from 1948 to today.

  81. Dreams of Freedom

    Dreams of Freedom

    A Ricardo Flores Magon Reader

    Ricardo Flores Magon


    The first anthology of the Mexican revolutionary's writings, available in English. Translated, compiled and annotated by Chaz Bufe ad Mitchell Verter. Includes a lengthy biographical preface by...

  82. Anarchist Voices

    Anarchist Voices

    An Oral History of Anarchism In America (Unabridged)

    Paul Avrich


    Anarchist Voices contains 180 interviews conducted by Avrich over a period of 30 years. Their stories provide a wealth of personal detail about Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, the modern schools,...

  83. No Gods No Masters e-book

    No Gods No Masters e-book

    An Anthology of Anarchism

    Daniel Guerin

    $24.99 $18.74

    Guérin's classic anthology of anarchism translated and reprinted, available for the first time in a single volume.It details a vast array of unpublished documents, letters, debates,...

  84. The Modern School Movement

    The Modern School Movement

    Anarchism And Education In The United States

    Paul Avrich


    Based on extensive interviews with fomer pupils and teachers, this Pulitzer Prize-nominated work is a seminal and important investigation into the potential of educational alternatives. Between...

  85. Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

    Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

    Bernard Goldstein


    Born in a small town outside of Warsaw in 1889, Bernard Goldstein joined the Jewish labor organization, the Bund, at the age of 16 and dedicated his life to organizing workers and resisting...

  86. The Blast

    The Blast

    Complete Collection of the Incendiary San Francisco Bi-Monthly Anarchist Newspaper from 1916-1917...

    Alexander Berkman


    "The pages of The Blast seem to smell of black powder, or better, seem to have blown out of the eye of a social hurricane. A sense of absolute emergency pervades almost every column." - Richard...

  87. Post-Scarcity Anarchism

    Post-Scarcity Anarchism

    Murray Bookchin


    In a series of related essays, Murray Bookchin balances his ecological and anarchist vision with the promising opportunities of a "post-scarcity" era. Surpassing Marxist political economy, which...

  88. The London Years

    The London Years

    Rudolf Rocker


    The autobiography of the father of anarcho-syndicalism, a German Catholic who fled to London to escape prosecution, taught himself Yiddish,and became the acknowledged leader of the Yiddish-speaking...

  89. For Workers' Power

    For Workers' Power

    Maurice Brinton


    "It is hard to conceive of anyone doing a better job than Goodway and AK Press at bringing Brinton's politics and whole milieu back into prime focus. Brinton had a big effect on me, years back, and...

  90. Out Of The Night

    Out Of The Night

    The Memoir Of Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Alias Jan Valtin

    Jan Valtin


    "This is a historical document of the first rank, a biography, an adventure story, and in places, so it seems, a brisk novel. It is all these in one, and in addition the writing and structure are...

  91. Serpents In The Garden

    Serpents In The Garden

    Liaisons With Culture & Sex

    Jeffrey St. Clair


    Serpents in the Garden. That's how Percy Shelley described the revolutionary quest of his crcle of Romantic poets and writers. And it's a perfect title for this marvelous a cappella of writing on...

  92. Animal Ingredients A–Z

    Animal Ingredients A–Z

    Third Edition

    E.G. Smith Collective


    Animal Ingredients A to Z is the bible for vegetarians, vegans, the health conscious and caring consumers. More and more we find our everyday foods containing peculiar ingredients--many of which...

  93. Pie Any Means Necessary

    Pie Any Means Necessary

    The Biotic Baking Brigade Cookbook

    Agent Apple


    What do Bill Gates, Milton Freidman, William F Buckley, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Sylvester Stallone, Canadian Premier Jean Chretien, Swedish King Carl Gustaf, Ronald McDonald, Timothy...

  94. The People's History Project: Volume One

    The People's History Project: Volume One

    Collected Lectures of Howard Zinn—CD Box Set

    Howard Zinn


    Ranging over six discs, America’s best-loved historian ruminates and illuminates over our forgotten social, economic and political history, the struggles waged by the dispossessed, ignored,...

  95. Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy DVD

    Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy DVD

    Arundhati Roy


    "Empire is on the move, and Democracy is its sly new war cry. Democracy, home-delivered to your doorstep by daisy cutters. Death is a small price for people to pay for the privilege of sampling...

  96. Anarcho-Syndicalism


    Theory and Practice

    Rudolf Rocker


    The publication of Rudolf Rocker's Anarcho-Syndicalism is an event of much importance for people who are concerned with problems of liberty and justice. Rocker expresses throughout his faith in...

  97. Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack

    Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack

    The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine 1917–1921

    Alexandre Skirda


    The phenomenal life of Ukrainian peasant Nestor Makhno (1888–1934) provides the framework for this breakneck account of the downfall of the tsarist empire and the civil war that convulsed and...

  98. Dime's Worth Of Difference

    Dime's Worth Of Difference

    Beyond The Lesser Of Two Evils

    Vijay Prashad


    Every four years as the presidential elections approach, the alarm bell clangs for progressive-minded people, warning them about the looming take-over of the country by Republican ultras intent on...

  99. At War With Asia

    At War With Asia

    Essays On Indochina

    Noam Chomsky


    In 1970, Noam Chomsky urged Americans to confront and avoid the dangers inherent in the American invasion of Southeast Asia (North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos). Looking back 30 years later, we...

  100. Language And Politics

    Language And Politics

    Noam Chomsky


    An enormous chronological collection of over fifty interviews conducted with Chomsky beginning with his from 1968 discussion of the US war on Vietnam and ending soon after the apearnce of his...

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