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  1. The Five Hundred Year Rebellion

    The Five Hundred Year Rebellion

    Indigenous Movements and the Decolonization of History in Bolivia

    Benjamin Dangl


    How indigenous movements tapped into centuries-old veins of oral history and memory to produce manifestos, booklets, and radio programs on histories of resistance, wielding them as tools to expand...

  2. Test Card F

    Test Card F

    Television, Mythinformation And Social Control



    Test Card F is a graphic demolition derby through the culture of a factory farmed and show-shocked society, a society whose sell-by date has long since expired. Using savage image/text cut and...

  3. Ulster's White Negroes

    Ulster's White Negroes

    From Civil Rights To Insurrection

    Fionbarra O'Dochartaigh


    Ulster's White Negroes is an invaluable work for those who wish to understand how a struggle for basic civil liberties in Ireland developed into an all-out revolutionary war: a war that has...

    Not yet published

  4. Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism

    Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism

    An Unbridgeable Chasm

    Murray Bookchin


    This book asks--and tries to answer--several basic questions that affect all Leftists today. Will anarchism remain a revolutionary social movement or become a chic boutique lifestyle subculture?...

  5. The Struggle Against The State And Other Essays

    The Struggle Against The State And Other Essays

    Nestor Makhno


    A collection of essays and articles written while in exile in Paris in the 1920s. Sheds valuable insight onto the man, and the movement that bore his name. He responds to all sorts of accusations,...

  6. The Spanish Anarchists

    The Spanish Anarchists

    The Heroic Years 1868–1936

    Murray Bookchin


    A long-awaited new edition of the seminal history of Spanish Anarchism. Hailed as a masterpiece, it includes a new prefatory essay by the author. "I've read The Spanish Anarchists with the...

  7. The Friends of Durruti Group

    The Friends of Durruti Group


    Agustin Guillamon


    "Revolutions without theory fail to make progress. We of the 'Friends Of Durruti' have outlined our thinking, which may be amended as appropriate in great social upheavals but which hinges upon two...

  8. Reinventing Anarchy, Again

    Reinventing Anarchy, Again

    Howard Ehrlich


    This book brings together the major currents of social anarchist theory in a collection of some of the most important writers from the United States, Canada, England and Australia The book is...

  9. Neoism, Plagiarism And Praxis

    Neoism, Plagiarism And Praxis

    Stewart Home


    "Home is a novelist, art agitator, and documenter of art terrorism... The art terrorist's art terrorist." - Modern Review. Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis is concerned with what's been happening at...

    Not yet published

  10. Which Way For The Ecology Movement

    Which Way For The Ecology Movement

    Murray Bookchin


    In the essays that make up this book, Murray Bookchin calls for a critical social standpoint that transcends both "biocentrism" and "ecocentrism." A call for new politics and ethics of...

  11. September Commando

    September Commando

    John Yates


    The second installment of politically charged satire, scrutiny and social commentary from John Yates' Stealworks graphics compound. Whereas his first anthology of work, Stealworks (also published...

  12. I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

    I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

    Sixty Years of Commonplace Life and Anarchist Agitation

    Albert Meltzer


    Albert Meltzer (1920–1996) was involved actively in class struggles since the age of 15; exceptional for his generation in having been a convinced Anarchist from the start, without any family...

  13. The Realization And Suppression Of The Situationist International

    The Realization And Suppression Of The Situationist International

    An Annotated Bibliography 1972–1992

    Simon Ford


    The Situationist International (1957-1972) has had a very productive afterlife. This annotated bibliography contains over 600 references that chart its rise to fame from obscurity to celebrity....

  14. Immediatism


    Hakim Bey


    Immediatism is the latest tome from the insurrectionist theoretician, Hakim Bey. His incendiary words are beautifully illustrated by the renowned collage artist Freddie Baer. The result is a...

  15. End Time

    End Time

    Notes On The Apocalypse

    G.A. Matiasz


    This is a brand new edition of the prescient, near-future thriller. Written in a slashing, evocative style, 'End Time' has received rave reviews in underground and small press circles. Is it just...

  16. Less Rock, More Talk

    Less Rock, More Talk

    A Spoken Word Compilation

    Noam Chomsky


    A spoken word collection from the cutting edge. Combines politics from the likes of Noam Chomsky and Jello Biafra, the latest from literary figures such as James Kelman, Jerme Spew, Tom Leonard,...

  17. 1936


    The Spanish Revolution

    The Ex


    Originally released in 1986, this 144 page photo-book about the Spanish anarchists' fight against the fascists is finally available again. Within the deluxe hardcover, you'll find previously...

  18. I've Got To Know

    I've Got To Know

    Utah Phillips


    "During the Gulf War, I got plenty good and mad.....with the help of Dakota Sid Clifford, I went in a small but very fine studio....For the next 70 minutes I spouted, fulminated, and sang about...

  19. Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind

    Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind

    Noam Chomsky


    "The war against working people should be understood to be a real war. It's not a new war. It's an old war. Furthermore it's a perfectly conscious war everywhere, but specifically in the US...which...

  20. Sabate


    Guerilla Extraordinary

    Antonio Tellez


    A new edition of the incredible story of the life, the actions, and the death of an anarchist guerilla. Sabate was the most famous of the anarchists who never stopped - after the defeat of the...

    Not yet published

  21. Seizing the Airwaves

    Seizing the Airwaves

    A Free Radio Handbook

    Stephen Dunifer


    The first book to document and emphasize the myriad voices of the free radio movement, from Black Liberation Radio in Springfield, Illinois, to Free Radio Berkeley in Berkeley, California. The...

  22. Rage and Reason

    Rage and Reason

    Michael Tobias


    Michael Tobias' latest work of fiction is a shocking, breath-stopping political thriller which tracks the fury of an outraged ex-Special Forces veteran who turns to violent retribution in defence...

  23. A People's History of the United States

    A People's History of the United States

    A Lecture at Reed College

    Howard Zinn


    A scintillating lecture and discussion by the legendary teacher, historian and activist. Here Zinn explains with great humor and passion how his teaching, his history and his activism are parts of...

  24. An Idol Killing

    An Idol Killing

    Mark J. White


    All life is worthless... but some lives cost more to terminate than others. It's 2046, Britain teeters on the brink of total ecological collapse. Tonight, Empti Vee, rockstar celebrity,...

  25. Sister of the Road

    Sister of the Road

    The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha

    Ben Reitman


    Another raging slab of real American history you're not likely to find in the textbooks. It's a window into a wildly under-appreciated dropout culture that gets left out of the stultifying...

  26. Siege of Gresham

    Siege of Gresham

    Ray Murphy


    A bunch of Portland drunks are on a mission... and this time it's war. Their dark and perilous campaign ceaselessly picks up speed until it takes on a runaway life of its own, transformed by a...

  27. A Cavalier History of Surrealism

    A Cavalier History of Surrealism

    Raoul Vaneigem


    A down-and-dirty survey of the Surrealist movement written under a pseudonym in 1970 by leading Situationist theorist Raoul Vaneigem. Intended for a high-school readership, and dashed off in two...

  28. The Diamond Signature

    The Diamond Signature

    A Novel In Four Books & The Death Of The Imagination—A Drama For Four Readers

    Penny Rimbaud


    The Diamond Signature is what Penny Rimbaud considers his most important work. It formed the basis for the band CRASS, who revolutionized both punk rock and politics in a blistering seven year...

  29. Stories Hollywood Never Tells

    Stories Hollywood Never Tells

    Howard Zinn


    What sort of view of our history do we get from Hollywood movies? Why are some stories told and others not? Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States helped to enlarge our sense of...

  30. Reading Capital Politically

    Reading Capital Politically

    Harry Cleaver


    As social movements waned in the late 70s, the study of Marx seemed to take on a life of its own. Structuralist, post-structuralist, deconstructed Marxes bloomed in journals and seminar rooms...

    Not yet published

  31. Legacy to Liberation

    Legacy to Liberation

    Politics & Culture of Revolutionary Asian/Pacific America

    Fred Ho


    The Black Panther Party and the Brown Berets live on in our historical memory, but what of the revolutionary groups which came out of Asian America in the late 60s and early 70s? Compiled by...

  32. Heroes and Martyrs

    Heroes and Martyrs

    Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, and the Revolutionary Struggle

    Howard Zinn


    Howard Zinn takes us back a century to a newly industrialized America, the time of robber barons & tycoons, of tenements bursting with immigrants, of dramatic and often violent labor struggles like...

  33. Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left

    Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left

    Murray Bookchin


    Murray Bookchin was a dynamic revolutionary propagandist since the 1930s when, as a teenager, he orated before socialist crowds in New York City and engaged in support work for those fighting...

  34. An American Addiction

    An American Addiction

    Drugs, Guerillas, Counterinsurgency—US Intervention In Colombia

    Noam Chomsky


    "Colombia has been the leading recipient of US arms and training in the Western Hemisphere through the 1990s. It has also had the worst human rights record by far in the Western Hemisphere during...

  35. Monkeywrenching the New World Order

    Monkeywrenching the New World Order

    Howard Zinn


    When tens of thousands of demonstrators shut down the WTO meetings in Seattle, it heralded not only an awareness of the new global capitalist order, but the start of a movement to effectively...

  36. Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    Program for a Participatory Economy

    Michael Albert


    If not capitalism, then what? Something's not working here, and it's pretty clear what's wrong. But there's a dearth of material on what could be right -- and more important, how to do it....

  37. Televisionaries


    The Red Army Faction Story 1963-93

    Tom Vague


    An irreverent chronological history and analysis of THE terrorist group that bombed and shot their way through the last three decades of Western capitalism. From student radicalism to Stammheim to...

  38. You Can't Win

    You Can't Win

    Jack Black


    A legendary book, bestseller in 1926 and hovering at the edge of our memory since; the favorite book of William Burroughs. A journey into the hobo underworld, freight hopping around the still Wild...

  39. 175 Progress Drive

    175 Progress Drive


    The finest radio political journalism from the world's most famous political prisoner. Herein you'll find a collection of audio essays spanning Mumia's career, all on CD for the first time. Some...

  40. Obsolete Communism

    Obsolete Communism

    The Left-Wing Alternative

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit


    "Their nightmares are our dreams" In May 68 a student protest at Nanterre University spread to other universities, to Paris factories and in a few weeks to most of France. On May 13 a million...

  41. Orgasms of History

    Orgasms of History

    3000 Years of Spontaneous Insurrection

    Yves Fremion


    Every now and then, things explode. Riots, uprisings, revolutions, new and bizarre social groups spring up seemingly from nowhere. Our standard histories tend to treat these as oddities, if treated...

  42. Facing the Enemy

    Facing the Enemy

    A History of Anarchist Organization From Proudhon To May 1968

    Alexandre Skirda


    The finest single volume history of European Anarchism is finally available in English in Paul Sharkey's elegant translation. Drawing on decades of research, Alexandre Skirda traces anarchism as a...

  43. Prisons on Fire

    Prisons on Fire

    George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation

    Freedom Archives


    Thirty years ago, America's prisons burned. Here's how, why, and what happened. Who were the Attica Brothers? Why did 1,500 Black, Puerto Rican and white prisoners seize control of the New York...

  44. Housing Benefit Hill And Other Places

    Housing Benefit Hill And Other Places

    Collected Columns 1993-1998

    CJ Stone


    Culled from his regular columns in the London Guardian and Britain's homeless paper, The Big Issue, Stone passionately documents life as experienced "in every run-down council estate in thel and,...

  45. Jumping the Line

    Jumping the Line

    The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Radical

    William Herrick


    Jumping the Line offers a vivid first-hand account of Left culture in America in the heady days of the 20s through the 40s. William Herrick grew up in New York City with pictures of Lenin above...

  46. Direct Action

    Direct Action

    Memoirs Of An Urban Guerilla

    Ann Hansen


    The Vancouver 5, or Squamish 5, were 5 Canadians convicted in the early 80s of (successfully) bombing a hydro-electric power sub-station, the Litton Systems plant in Toronto, where components for...

  47. Who Bombed Judi Bari?

    Who Bombed Judi Bari?

    Judi Bari


    A posthumous collection of Bari's greatest and most poignant speeches and actions. From her hospital bed just days after she was bombed; from the front lines of the timber wars, as well as on radio...

  48. Taking Liberties

    Taking Liberties

    Policing, Prisons and Surveillance in an Age of Crisis

    Christian Parenti


    In this, his first spoken word CD, Christian focuses on the states' use of repression through the prison industrial complex, federal and local law enforcement agencies and most recently, the...

  49. Beating the Devil

    Beating the Devil

    The Incendiary Rants of Alexander Cockburn

    Alexander Cockburn


    In this collection of recent talks, maverick commentator Alexander Cockburn defiles subjects ranging from Colombia to the American presidency to the Missile Defense System. Whether he's skewering...

  50. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

    Bicycling's Defiant Celebration

    Chris Carlsson


    This leaderless, grassroots social movement cuts through the noise and inertia of car-clogged urban transportation and teaches us to carve a wedge of our city for our dreams. So says essayist Anna...

  51. A New World in Our Hearts

    A New World in Our Hearts

    8 Years of Writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

    Roy San Filippo


    The Love and Rage Federation was perhaps the most visible revolutionary anarchist organization in North America in the last few decades. This book keeps alive the many key political contributions...

  52. The New War on Terrorism

    The New War on Terrorism

    Fact and Fiction

    Noam Chomsky


    "We certainly want to reduce the level of terror...There is one easy way to do that...stop participating in it."--Noam Chomsky, from the CDWhat is terrorism? And how can we reduce the...

  53. Workers' Councils

    Workers' Councils

    Anton Pannekoek


    "Good, solid, working-class literature." -Noam Chomsky What the working class strives for in its struggle, liberty and security, to be master of its own life, is only possible through control...

  54. Mob Action Against the State

    Mob Action Against the State

    Collected Speeches from the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

    Barry Pateman


    The Bay Area is rich in local radicals, and most of them have taken a turn at the microphone of the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair. Here's an all-star collection from the speakers' corner of the...

  55. Artists in a Time of War

    Artists in a Time of War

    Howard Zinn


    "As soon as you speak outside the boundaries, as soon as you say things that are different from what the establishment and the media and leading intellectuals are telling you to say, the question...

  56. Controlled Flight Into Terrain

    Controlled Flight Into Terrain

    Stealworks Anthology 3.0

    John Yates


    Controlled Flight Into Terrain is episode three in the sociopolitical graphic commentary from John Yates' Stealworks design compound. A San Francisco Bay Area independent designer, his work...

  57. Come September

    Come September

    Arundhati Roy


    In this acclaimed Lannan Foundation lecture, Arundhati Roy speaks poetically to power on the U.S. government's "War on Terror", globalization, and the misuses of nationalism. She contextualizes the...

  58. What is Anarchism?

    What is Anarchism?

    Alexander Berkman


    A reprint of perhaps the first and best exposition of Anarchism by one of its greatest propagandists (by both word and deed) and thinkers. In a clear conversation with the reader Berkman discusses...

  59. Chile


    Promise Of Freedom

    Freedom Archives


    This incredible new CD features interviews with Isabel Allende, Ariel Dorfman, Isabel Letelier, and people in global pursuit of the Pinochet/Kissinger cases, as well as the archived voices of...

  60. Radical Priorities

    Radical Priorities

    Noam Chomsky


    In Radical Priorities, C.P. Otero sets out to "provide relatively easy access to Chomsky's libertarian philosophy and political analysis". Taken from a wide variety of sources, many never widely...

  61. Beggars of Life

    Beggars of Life

    Jim Tully


    Beggars Of Life is easily the greatest of hobo autobiographies. First published in 1924, it holds up remarkably well because Jim Tully was one of the founders of the spare, gritty, unsentimental...

  62. 2/15


    The Day the World Said NO to War

    Noam Chomsky


    On February 15th (well, and San Francisco on the 16th) the world witnessed, and participated in, the greatest global peace protest ever. This full-color book captures the power and beauty of 30...

  63. Language And Politics

    Language And Politics

    Noam Chomsky


    An enormous chronological collection of over fifty interviews conducted with Chomsky beginning with his from 1968 discussion of the US war on Vietnam and ending soon after the apearnce of his...

  64. At War With Asia

    At War With Asia

    Essays On Indochina

    Noam Chomsky


    In 1970, Noam Chomsky urged Americans to confront and avoid the dangers inherent in the American invasion of Southeast Asia (North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos). Looking back 30 years later, we...

  65. Dime's Worth Of Difference

    Dime's Worth Of Difference

    Beyond The Lesser Of Two Evils

    Vijay Prashad


    Every four years as the presidential elections approach, the alarm bell clangs for progressive-minded people, warning them about the looming take-over of the country by Republican ultras intent on...

  66. Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack

    Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack

    The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine 1917–1921

    Alexandre Skirda


    The phenomenal life of Ukrainian peasant Nestor Makhno (1888–1934) provides the framework for this breakneck account of the downfall of the tsarist empire and the civil war that convulsed and...

  67. Anarcho-Syndicalism


    Theory and Practice

    Rudolf Rocker


    The publication of Rudolf Rocker's Anarcho-Syndicalism is an event of much importance for people who are concerned with problems of liberty and justice. Rocker expresses throughout his faith in...

  68. Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy DVD

    Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy DVD

    Arundhati Roy


    "Empire is on the move, and Democracy is its sly new war cry. Democracy, home-delivered to your doorstep by daisy cutters. Death is a small price for people to pay for the privilege of sampling...

  69. The People's History Project: Volume One

    The People's History Project: Volume One

    Collected Lectures of Howard Zinn—CD Box Set

    Howard Zinn


    Ranging over six discs, America’s best-loved historian ruminates and illuminates over our forgotten social, economic and political history, the struggles waged by the dispossessed, ignored,...

  70. Animal Ingredients A–Z

    Animal Ingredients A–Z

    Third Edition

    E.G. Smith Collective


    Animal Ingredients A to Z is the bible for vegetarians, vegans, the health conscious and caring consumers. More and more we find our everyday foods containing peculiar ingredients--many of which...

  71. Pie Any Means Necessary

    Pie Any Means Necessary

    The Biotic Baking Brigade Cookbook

    Agent Apple


    What do Bill Gates, Milton Freidman, William F Buckley, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Sylvester Stallone, Canadian Premier Jean Chretien, Swedish King Carl Gustaf, Ronald McDonald, Timothy...

  72. Serpents In The Garden

    Serpents In The Garden

    Liaisons With Culture & Sex

    Jeffrey St. Clair


    Serpents in the Garden. That's how Percy Shelley described the revolutionary quest of his crcle of Romantic poets and writers. And it's a perfect title for this marvelous a cappella of writing on...

  73. The London Years

    The London Years

    Rudolf Rocker


    The autobiography of the father of anarcho-syndicalism, a German Catholic who fled to London to escape prosecution, taught himself Yiddish,and became the acknowledged leader of the Yiddish-speaking...

  74. For Workers' Power

    For Workers' Power

    Maurice Brinton


    "It is hard to conceive of anyone doing a better job than Goodway and AK Press at bringing Brinton's politics and whole milieu back into prime focus. Brinton had a big effect on me, years back, and...

  75. Out Of The Night

    Out Of The Night

    The Memoir Of Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Alias Jan Valtin

    Jan Valtin


    "This is a historical document of the first rank, a biography, an adventure story, and in places, so it seems, a brisk novel. It is all these in one, and in addition the writing and structure are...

  76. Post-Scarcity Anarchism

    Post-Scarcity Anarchism

    Murray Bookchin


    In a series of related essays, Murray Bookchin balances his ecological and anarchist vision with the promising opportunities of a "post-scarcity" era. Surpassing Marxist political economy, which...

  77. The Blast

    The Blast

    Complete Collection of the Incendiary San Francisco Bi-Monthly Anarchist Newspaper from 1916-1917...

    Alexander Berkman


    "The pages of The Blast seem to smell of black powder, or better, seem to have blown out of the eye of a social hurricane. A sense of absolute emergency pervades almost every column." - Richard...

  78. The Modern School Movement

    The Modern School Movement

    Anarchism And Education In The United States

    Paul Avrich


    Based on extensive interviews with fomer pupils and teachers, this Pulitzer Prize-nominated work is a seminal and important investigation into the potential of educational alternatives. Between...

  79. Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

    Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

    Bernard Goldstein


    Born in a small town outside of Warsaw in 1889, Bernard Goldstein joined the Jewish labor organization, the Bund, at the age of 16 and dedicated his life to organizing workers and resisting...

  80. No Gods No Masters e-book

    No Gods No Masters e-book

    An Anthology of Anarchism

    Daniel Guerin

    $24.99 $18.74

    Guérin's classic anthology of anarchism translated and reprinted, available for the first time in a single volume.It details a vast array of unpublished documents, letters, debates,...

  81. The Ecology of Freedom

    The Ecology of Freedom

    The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy

    Murray Bookchin


    Bookchin's crowning work. "The most systematic articulation of ideas." —San Francisco Review of Books"...a confirmation of his [Bookchin's] status as a...

  82. No Gods No Masters

    No Gods No Masters

    An Anthology of Anarchism

    Daniel Guerin


    Guérin's classic anthology of anarchism translated and reprinted, available for the first time in a single volume.It details a vast array of unpublished documents, letters, debates,...

  83. An Issue of Justice

    An Issue of Justice

    Origins of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

    Norman Finkelstein


    Finkelstein breaks down the history, causes and consequences of the Israel/Palestine conflict, from 1948 to today.

  84. Dreams of Freedom

    Dreams of Freedom

    A Ricardo Flores Magon Reader

    Ricardo Flores Magon


    The first anthology of the Mexican revolutionary's writings, available in English. Translated, compiled and annotated by Chaz Bufe ad Mitchell Verter. Includes a lengthy biographical preface by...

  85. Anarchist Voices

    Anarchist Voices

    An Oral History of Anarchism In America (Unabridged)

    Paul Avrich


    Anarchist Voices contains 180 interviews conducted by Avrich over a period of 30 years. Their stories provide a wealth of personal detail about Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, the modern schools,...

  86. Adicto a la Guerra

    Adicto a la Guerra

    Por qué EEUU no puede librarse del militarismo

    Joel Andreas


    The first Spanish language edition of the best selling illustrated expose of U.S. military policy. AK Press's first foray into Spanish language publishing.

  87. Free Women Of Spain

    Free Women Of Spain

    Anarchism And The Struggle For The Emancipation Of Women

    Martha A. Ackelsberg


    Cowards don't make history; and the women of Mujeres Libres (Free Women) were no cowards. Courageous enough to create revolutionary change in their daily lives, these women mobilized over 20,000...

  88. Robert F. Williams

    Robert F. Williams

    Self Respect, Self Defense, & Self Determination

    Robert F. Williams


    Robert Williams is one of the most important figures in the history of the black freedom movement... Thanks to the Freedom Archives and the work of his widow Mabel Williams, his story will be...

  89. Starlight on the Rails

    Starlight on the Rails

    A Songbook

    Utah Phillips


    Starlight on the Rails is the most complete collection of Utah Phillip's songs ever released. Spanning 30 years of studio, live, and unreleased recordings from "The Golden Voice of the Great...

  90. The Trouble With Music

    The Trouble With Music

    Mat Callahan


    "The Trouble with Music isn't anything like most books about music. Those other books start by assuming that today's music world looked just the same yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. Mat...

  91. The Imperial Presidency

    The Imperial Presidency

    Sovereignty, Terror, and the "Second Superpower"

    Noam Chomsky


    It's Noam Chomsky vs. the Bush Regime in this much-anticipated spoken-word release. Recorded in November 2004, just after the reelection of George W. Bush, Chomsky pinpoints the principle...

  92. Outlaws of America

    Outlaws of America

    Dan Berger


    Outlaws of America brings to life America's most famous renegades, the Weather Underground. Based on detailed and original research, it is a gripping account of the actions and motivations...

  93. A Singsong and A Scrap

    A Singsong and A Scrap



    This new, mainly acoustic Chumbawamba album is, for the first time, a collection of songs, pure and simple. Songs with a radical voice, songs with those same old same old Chumbawamba fourpart...

  94. Rebel Alliances

    Rebel Alliances

    The Means and Ends of British Anarchisms

    Benjamin Franks


    Rebel Alliances offers an applied philosophical perspective on contemporary class-struggle anarchism in Britain. It identifies the main principles distinguishing this tradition from...

  95. Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

    Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

    Abel Paz


    "Durruti was the ultimate working-class hero: carrying the future in his heart and a gun in each pocket. Abel Paz's magnificent biography resurrects the very soul of Spanish anarchism." –Mike...

  96. Igniting A Revolution

    Igniting A Revolution

    Voices in Defense of the Earth

    Steven Best


    Global warming, acid rain, deforestation, air and water pollution are but a few of the overwhelming indicators that the earth's health is worsening. For decades, environmental groups have been...

  97. Anarchism in America DVD

    Anarchism in America DVD

    Steven Fischler


    Two fascinating documentaries on one DVD. Both are the work of Emmy and Guggenheim Award-winning filmmakers, Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher. In the first, Anarchism in America, the two take...

  98. Clandestines


    The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile

    Ramor Ryan


    Ramor Ryan's pirate journals read like Che's Motorcycle Diaries infused with Hunter S. Thompson's wit and flair for the impossible. A shrewd political thinker and philosopher, with a knack...

  99. War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    Robert Fisk


    "...He's like no reporter from the Mideast we get in the McPapers of America."—Greg Palast"As a war correspondent he is unrivaled."—Financial Times"The most...

  100. Vision on Fire

    Vision on Fire

    Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution

    David Porter


    This carefully chosen collection features the most important writings from the turbulent last four years of Emma Goldman's life. It serves as an incredible follow-up to her popular autobiography,...

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