Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind

Noam Chomsky (Author)


Publisher: AK Press
Format: Mutiple CD Set
Binding: CD
Released: January 1, 1998
ISBN-13: 9781873176689

"The war against working people should be understood to be a real war. It's not a new war. It's an old war. Furthermore it's a perfectly conscious war everywhere, but specifically in the US...which happens to have a highly class-conscious business class.....And they have long seen themselves as fighting a bitter class war, except they don't want anybody else to know about it... There's no doubt that one of the major issues of twentieth century history, surely in the US, is corporate propaganda...Its goal from the beginning, perfectly openly and consciously, was to 'control the public mind,' as they put it. The reason was that the public mind was seen as the greatest threat to the corporations." —Noam Chomsky, from the CD
Spin calls him "a capitalist's worst nightmare."
AK press

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