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  1. Zionism in the Age of the Dictators

    Zionism in the Age of the Dictators

    Lenni Brenner


    Originally published in 1983, Brenner’s famous study documents a history of collusion between the Zionist movement and European fascism during the first half of the 20th century. The new edition...

  2. The Mother of God

    The Mother of God

    Luna Tarlo


    This is a mother's account of her experience as a disciple of her own son—Andrew Cohen, a well-known American guru—and of her struggle to free herself from his control. What had been a close,...

  3. Liberation Theology Along The Potomac

    Liberation Theology Along The Potomac

    Labor's Golden Rule In Early American Catholicism

    Edward Terrar


    There was a time when working people dominated the Potomac. This book is about their rule and about its relevance to the 21st century. It is about the liberation theology of the 17th-century...

  4. Cannabis Chassidis

    Cannabis Chassidis

    The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs

    Yosef Leib


    Is Marijuana kosher? Yes, of course it is. But the better question is: If I am going to get higher than high, isn't there some useful, traditional guidance about how to best do so? If not, then...

  5. Forbidden Sacraments

    Forbidden Sacraments

    The Survival of Shamanism in Western Civilization

    Donald P. Dulchinos


    The indigenous practice of shamanism has been under siege for as long as Western European societies have practiced colonialism and Christian missionary work. Only very recently has there been a...

  6. Ayahuasca And Shamanism

    Ayahuasca And Shamanism

    Peter Lamborn Wilson


    Peter Lamborn Wilson interviews the now legendary prof and anthropologist on these evergreen topics, and more.

  7. Divine Destruction

    Divine Destruction

    Wise Use, Dominion Theology, And The Making Of American Environmental Policy

    Stephanie Hendricks


    The story that Stephenie Hendricks has uncovered affects the entire globe. She charts important connections between Wise Use—a rabidly anti-environmental philosophy—and dominion...

  8. Gustav Landauer

    Gustav Landauer

    Anarchism In Germany And Other Essays

    Gustav Landauer


    5 essays, together with a historical/biographical sketch of the legendary German anarchist. Expelled (along with Malatesta et al) from the First International, he was a theorist and activist second...

  9. The Unholy Bible

    The Unholy Bible

    Hebrew Literature of the Kingdom Period

    Jacob Rabinowitz


    Classicist Jacob Rabinowitz took a look at biblical texts available in English translation and found them wanting. The Unholy Bible contains his re-translation of the most egregiously...

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