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  1. Class Wargames

    Class Wargames

    Ludic Subversion Against Spectacular Capitalism

    Richard Barbrook


    Why should radicals be interested in playing wargames? Surely the Left can have no interest in such militarist fantasies? Yet, Guy Debord – the leader of the Situationist International – placed...

  2. Autonomy


    The Cover Designs of Anarchy 1961–1970

    Daniel Poyner


    Anarchy was a journal of ideas published in London in the 1960s. Although its contributors were many and diverse, Anarchy was essentially the creation of one person, Colin Ward...

  3. The Permaculture Handbook

    The Permaculture Handbook

    Garden Farming for Town and Country

    Peter Bane


    The urban landscape has swallowed vast swaths of prime farmland across North America. Imagine how much more self-reliant our communities would be if thirty million acres of lawns were made...

  4. Rereading Read

    Rereading Read

    New Views on Herbert Read

    Herbert Read


    From poverty and a Yorkshire orphanage, Herbert Read went on to become the most significant cultural critic to come out of England in the twentieth century.Between 1940 and 1960 he was the...

  5. The Haymarket Tragedy

    The Haymarket Tragedy

    Paul Avrich


    An outrageous price, but an outrageously wonderful (andpretty huge) book. We have a few limited quantities of this paperback edition of Avrich's moving appraisal of the infamous Haymarket bombing...

  6. The People's History Project: Volume One

    The People's History Project: Volume One

    Collected Lectures of Howard Zinn—CD Box Set

    Howard Zinn


    Ranging over six discs, America’s best-loved historian ruminates and illuminates over our forgotten social, economic and political history, the struggles waged by the dispossessed, ignored,...

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