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  1. Surviving Canada

    Surviving Canada

    Indigenous Peoples Celebrate 150 Years of Betrayal

    Kiera L. Ladner

    $29.95 $22.46

    Surviving Canada: Indigenous Peoples Celebrate 150 Years of Betrayal is a collection of elegant, thoughtful, and powerful reflections about Indigenous Peoples’ complicated,...

  2. Revolution in Rojava

    Revolution in Rojava

    Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in the Syrian Kurdistan

    Michael Knapp

    $27.00 $20.25

    Given the widespread violence and suffering in Syria, it's not unreasonable that outsiders look at the situation as unrelentingly awful. And while the reality of the devastation is undeniable,...

  3. The Poorer Nations

    The Poorer Nations

    A Possible History of the Global South

    Vijay Prashad

    $26.95 $20.21

    A truly global history that examines the prospects of a worldwide power shift from North to South. Since the ’70s, the countries of the Global South have struggled to build political...

  4. Brasil potencia

    Brasil potencia

    Entre la integración regional y un nuevo imperialismo

    Raúl Zibechi

    $27.95 $20.96

    En la transición que vivimos hacia un mundo multipolar, Brasil será una de las ocho potencias globales que jugarán un papel preponderante en las relaciones internacionales. Para la región...

  5. The Hidden 1970s

    The Hidden 1970s

    Histories of Radicalism

    Dan Berger

    $27.95 $20.96

    The 1970s were a complex, multilayered, and critical part of an era of profound societal change and an essential component of the decade before-several of the most iconic events of "the sixties"...

  6. Revolutionary Traveller

    Revolutionary Traveller

    Freeze-Frames from a Life

    John S. Saul

    $26.95 $20.21

    In Revolutionary Traveller, John S. Saul draws on a series of his own occasional articles written over a span of forty years which, together with a linking narrative, serve to trace not only...

  7. False Nationalism, False Internationalism

    False Nationalism, False Internationalism

    Class Contradictions In The Armed Struggle

    Kae Sera

    $30.00 $22.50

    An incredible history and critical analysis of armed struggle, and anti-imperialist actions, from the Finnish-Russian anti-imperialist alliance 1900-1917, through the struggle to support Ethiopian...

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