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  1. Lines of Work

    Lines of Work

    Stories of Jobs and Resistance

    Scott Nikolas Nappalos


    Half our waking hours are spent on the job, consuming the lion's share of our time. Our years are woven with stories of work told around the dinner table, breakroom, and bars. Yet these stories...

  2. The Labor Movement in Japan

    The Labor Movement in Japan

    Sen Katayama


    Japan's labor movement in the early-twentieth century was one of the most vibrant and tumultuous periods in global social history. In their struggles for freedom, workers organized...

  3. Rebel Life

    Rebel Life

    The Life and Times of Robert Gosden, Revolutionary, Mystic, Labour Spy

    Mark Leier


    In 1913, Robert Gosden publicly called for the assassination of Canadian premier, Richard McBride. By 1919, he was urging Prime Minister Robert Borden to "disappear" key labour radicals to...

  4. From the Ashes

    From the Ashes

    An Introduction to Our Writings

    Recomposition Collective


    Capitalism makes all of our lives worse, so we should end capitalism. That’s the basic perspective of this pamphlet. This is a collection of three articles which serve as a good...

  5. Class War Lessons

    Class War Lessons

    From Direct Action on the Job to the '46 Oakland General Strike

    Stan Weir


    Stan Weir tells the story of the closest he ever came to the self-governing workers' world in which he believed all his adult life. On the SS Hanapepe, workers turned their ship into a floating...

  6. Direct Unionism

    Direct Unionism

    A Discussion Paper

    Recomposition Collective


    We have all heard that fewer and fewer workers are unionized these days, and those that still are regularly have to accept contracts that don’t serve their interests very well. It seems as though...

  7. Never Work

    Never Work

    The Autobiography of Salvatore Messana

    Gianni Giovannelli


    Translated by Bill Brown, this book is the fictional autobiography of Salvatore Messana, a clever; determined and financially successful enemy of salaried work, bosses and beureaucrats. Written by...

  8. (The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle Club

    (The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle Club

    Chicago's Wild 20s!

    Franklin Rosemont


    What do Lucy Parsons, Clarence Darrow, Carl Sandburg, Mary MacLane, Lawrence Lipton, Elizabeth Davis (Queen of the Hoboes), Jun Fujita, Sherwood Anderson, Ralph Chaplin, Katherine Dunham, Djuna...

  9. Lucy Parsons

    Lucy Parsons

    An American Revolutionary

    Carolyn Ashbaugh


    A woman ahead of her time, Lucy Parsons was an early American radical who defied all conventions of her turbulent era. An outspoken woman of color, radical writer, and labor organizer, Parsons led...

  10. The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control

    The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control


    Maurice Brinton


    This book seeks to contribute new factual materials to the current discussion of workers' control, and it attempts a new kind of analysis of the fate of the Russian Revolution. The two, as you...

Items 41 to 50 of 130 total

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