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  1. The Co-operative Revolution

    The Co-operative Revolution

    A Graphic Novel



    As the dominant economic system is increasingly called into question, the time of the co-operative has well and truly come. Illustrating the history of the co-operative movement from its humble...

  2. Liberation Theology Along The Potomac

    Liberation Theology Along The Potomac

    Labor's Golden Rule In Early American Catholicism

    Edward Terrar


    There was a time when working people dominated the Potomac. This book is about their rule and about its relevance to the 21st century. It is about the liberation theology of the 17th-century...

  3. Punching Out

    Punching Out

    Martin Glaberman


    Martin Glaberman’s classic but hard-to-find pamphlet (CHK is doing a new edition!) is an authoritative statement about the merits of direct action in workplace organizing. Writing in the context of...

  4. Democracy At Work

    Democracy At Work

    A Cure for Capitalism

    Richard Wolff


    Capitalism—the system—has spawned deepening economic crisis alongside its bought-and-paid-for political establishment. Neither serves the needs of our society. Whether it is secure, well-paid, and...

  5. The 1937 Woolworth's Sit-Down

    The 1937 Woolworth's Sit-Down

    Women Strikers Occupy Chain Store, Win Big

    Dana Frank


    Woolworth's department store was the Walmart of the early-20th century. The women who worked the counters, cash registers, and storerooms were overworked, underpaid, and sexually harassed. This is...

  6. Upon the Backs of Labour

    Upon the Backs of Labour

    Arthur Miller


    Arthur J. Miller's essays, stories really, are firsthand accounts of a working person's life, in his own words, uncensored and unapologetic. For Arthur, expressing his thoughts in print is a form...

  7. Detroit: I Do Mind Dying

    Detroit: I Do Mind Dying

    A Study in Urban Revolution

    Dan Georgakas


    Detroit: I Do Mind Dying tracks the extraordinary development of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers as they became two of the landmark...

  8. Reform or Revolution

    Reform or Revolution

    And Other Writings

    Rosa Luxemburg


    A polemic writing by the famous "Red Rosa" Luxemburg, Reform or Revolution (published in 1899) explains why capitalism can never overcome its internal contradictions. An effective refutation...

  9. Songs of Work and Protest

    Songs of Work and Protest

    100 Favorite Songs of American Workers Complete with Music and Historical Notes

    Edith Fowke & Joe Glazer


    This collection includes 100 songs from the history of the labor movement, together with the stories of the genuine situations from which they sprang. Includes songs by Joe Hill, Ralph Chaplin, Joe...

  10. Syndicalism


    Its Theory and Practice

    Emma Goldman


    As Emma Goldman states: syndicalism was not invented by the writings of intellectuals, it was born from the actual struggle and experience of the workers themselves. Likewise a resurrection of...

Items 41 to 50 of 133 total

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