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  1. Categories of Revolutionary Military Policy

    Categories of Revolutionary Military Policy

    T. Derbent


    An educational exploration of the concepts of military doctrine, strategy, tactics, operational art, bases of support, guerilla zones, liberated territories, and more. A study of what has been...

  2. The Year of Dreaming Dangerously

    The Year of Dreaming Dangerously

    Slavoj Zizek


    Call it the year of dreaming dangerously: 2011 caught the world off guard with a series of shattering events. While protesters in New York, Cairo, London, and Athens took to the streets in pursuit...

  3. Dictionary of Operations

    Dictionary of Operations

    Deep Politics and Cultural Intelligence

    Konrad Becker


    Joining his previous titles Strategic Reality Dictionary and Tactical Reality Dictionary, Vienna-based cultural critic Konrad Becker offers another 72-key manifesto of deep politics...

  4. Engines of Domination

    Engines of Domination

    Political Power and the Human Emergency

    Mark Corske


    Political power -- armed central authority, with states and war -- is it really necessary for human society? Or is it a tool that ruling elites use to live at the expense of society? Engines of...

  5. Surregional Explorations

    Surregional Explorations

    Max Cafard


    Philosopher, activist, artist Max Cafard, has been steadily working his way through critiques of Anarchism, Surrealism, Situationism, Media, Cinema, and Regionalism, to arrive to his own...

  6. Recovering Bookchin

    Recovering Bookchin

    Social Ecology and the Crises of our Time

    Andy Price


    Through an extensive body of political and philosophical ideas he called social ecology, Murray Bookchin (1921–2006) elucidated one of the first intellectual responses to the ecological crisis....

  7. Open Utopia

    Open Utopia

    Thomas More


    In this re-issue of Thomas More’s generative volume, scholar and activist Stephen Duncombe re-imagines Utopia as an open text, one designed by More as an imaginal machine freeing us from the...

  8. The Uprising

    The Uprising

    On Poetry and Finance

    Franco "Bifo" Berardi


    The Uprising is an Autonomist manifesto for today's precarious times, and a rallying cry in the face of the catastrophic and irreversible crisis that neoliberalism and the financial sphere...

  9. Getting Free

    Getting Free

    Creating an Association of Democratic Autonomous Neighborhoods

    James Herod


    "Getting Free is a study of anarchist revolutionary strategy. Since it is obvious that we cannot discuss strategy without first deciding what it is that we are trying to achieve, I begin...

  10. Nomadology


    The War Machine

    Gilles Deleuze


    In this daring essay inspired by Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari redefine the relation between the state and its war machine. Far from being a part of the state, warriors (the army)...

Items 21 to 30 of 96 total

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