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  1. The Life of Thomas Skidmore

    The Life of Thomas Skidmore

    Amos Gilbert


    Thomas Skimore (1790-1832) - carpenter, teacher, scientist , writer and printer - was a leader and theorist of the early American labor movement. His 'Rights Of Man Of Property!' (1829) called for...

  2. Harlem Glory

    Harlem Glory

    A Fragment Of Aframerican Life

    Claude McKay


    Written in the late 1940s but unpublished till now, this superb portrayal of Black life during the Great Depression and the New Deal is virtually a sequel to the classic Home to Harlem. Mckay's...

  3. Personal Recollections of the Anarchist Past

    Personal Recollections of the Anarchist Past

    George Cores


    Written in 1947, these are recollections from the inside of the anarchist movement (1883–1939) by a forgotten veteran who participated in many of the formative events of British anarchism....

  4. The Autobiography of Mother Jones

    The Autobiography of Mother Jones

    Mother Jones


    In this classic work of American nonfiction the greatest labor organizer in US history details her three quarters century fight for labor's liberation, and her unswerving belief in industrial...

  5. Sacco And Vanzetti

    Sacco And Vanzetti

    The Anarchist Background

    Paul Avrich


    A thoroughly researched AND extremely readable book on the two most famous anarchist illegalists in U.S. history. Avrich is not so much concerned with the already well-discussed issue of innocence...

  6. Sabate


    Guerilla Extraordinary

    Antonio Tellez

    $12.00 $6.00

    A new edition of the incredible story of the life, the actions, and the death of an anarchist guerilla. Sabate was the most famous of the anarchists who never stopped - after the defeat of the...

    Not yet published

  7. No Regrets

    No Regrets

    Dr. Ben Reitman and the Women Who Loved Him

    Mecca Reitman Carpenter


    The story of the legendary Ben Reitman, told by a daughter who dared explore her family's hidden past, searching in letters and family records for the secrets of her long-dead father, and the women...

  8. Soledad Brother

    Soledad Brother

    The Prison Letters of George Jackson

    George Jackson


    Still essential reading. It may be even more important now than it was in 1970 to spread the insights to Amerikan society seen best from the inside of a cell. You must read this book.

  9. Assata


    An Autobiography

    Assata Shakur


    Arrested on the New Jersey Turnpike, convicted after 7 trials, broken out of prison and escaped to asylum in Cuba, where she lives today. The underground railroad is still in business. The...

  10. Heroes and Martyrs

    Heroes and Martyrs

    Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, and the Revolutionary Struggle

    Howard Zinn

    $20.00 $10.00

    Howard Zinn takes us back a century to a newly industrialized America, the time of robber barons & tycoons, of tenements bursting with immigrants, of dramatic and often violent labor struggles like...

Items 1 to 10 of 93 total

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