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  1. The American Labor Movement

    The American Labor Movement

    A New Beginning

    Sam Dolgoff


    Four essays by the noted anarcho-syndicalist discuss the development of the US labor movement in terms of the constant conflict between its revolutionary and conservative tendencies.

  2. Solidarity Unionism

    Solidarity Unionism

    Rebuilding The Labor Movement From Below

    Staughton Lynd


    Solidarity Unionism is critical reading for all who care about the future of labor because its modesty lets it say so much. Short and plainly written, it is also deliberately tentative in its...

  3. Prolegomena


    To A Study Of The Return Of The Repressed In History

    Clifford Harper


    "I don't want to do anything subversive - I just want to destroy capitalism." A collection of 'ultra' prose and poetry from 300 years of outrage, passion, sarcasm and wit. Quotes, rants,...

  4. Men, Sexism, and the Class Struggle

    Men, Sexism, and the Class Struggle

    Men Against Sexist Shit


    "The purpose of this booklet is to positively contribute to and stimulate some genuine debate about the role that we (as working class men) perform in the oppression of working class women in this...

  5. Midnight Oil

    Midnight Oil

    Work, Energy, War, 1973-1992

    Midnight Notes


    A collection of essays by the Midnight Notes Collective analyzing the connections between oil, war, and the global class struggle. Contains the best analysis of the Gulf War yet written. Packed...

  6. I've Got To Know

    I've Got To Know

    Utah Phillips


    "During the Gulf War, I got plenty good and mad.....with the help of Dakota Sid Clifford, I went in a small but very fine studio....For the next 70 minutes I spouted, fulminated, and sang about...

  7. Reading Capital Politically

    Reading Capital Politically

    Harry Cleaver


    As social movements waned in the late 70s, the study of Marx seemed to take on a life of its own. Structuralist, post-structuralist, deconstructed Marxes bloomed in journals and seminar rooms...

    Not yet published

  8. Some Mother's Daughter

    Some Mother's Daughter

    The Hidden Movement Of Prostitute Women Against Violence

    International Prostitutes Collective


    A collection of stories, statements, and campaigns, both in Britain and the US, from prostitute women (and often their mothers and sisters) campaigning against both their criminalization, and the...

  9. False Nationalism, False Internationalism

    False Nationalism, False Internationalism

    Class Contradictions In The Armed Struggle

    Kae Sera


    An incredible history and critical analysis of armed struggle, and anti-imperialist actions, from the Finnish-Russian anti-imperialist alliance 1900-1917, through the struggle to support Ethiopian...

  10. The Wobblies

    The Wobblies

    Patrick Renshaw


    A new edition of the classic study of the IWW. "A sensible and penetrating examination...Topical even today." [Los Angeles Times]

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