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  1. Stories Hollywood Never Tells

    Stories Hollywood Never Tells

    Howard Zinn


    What sort of view of our history do we get from Hollywood movies? Why are some stories told and others not? Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States helped to enlarge our sense of...

  2. Kino Delirium

    Kino Delirium

    The Films of Guy Maddin

    Caelum Vatnsdal


    Since the release of his first cult-classic feature, 'Tales From The Gimli Hospital', Maddin's unique films have fascinated and enthralled moviegoers around the globe...and he's the youngest...

  3. Complete Cinematic Works

    Complete Cinematic Works

    Scripts, Stills, Documents

    Guy Debord


    Guy Debord (1931-1994) was the most influential member of the Situationist International, the avant-garde group that triggered the May 1968 revolt in France. His book The Society of the Spectacle...

  4. Shutdown


    The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War

    Sticks and Stones Collective


    On March 20, 2003—the day after the war started—San Francisco was brought to a grinding halt by thousands of activists who occupied the streets to oppose the war. It was a mass uprising...

  5. Breaking the Spell

    Breaking the Spell

    A History of Anarchist Filmmakers, Videotape Guerrillas, and Digital Ninjas

    Chris Robé


    Breaking the Spell offers the first full-length study that charts the historical trajectory of anarchist-inflected video activism from the late 1960s to the present.

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