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  1. The Unbearables Big Book of Sex

    The Unbearables Big Book of Sex

    The Unbearables


    Another mammoth compilation from Downtown New York’s “drinking group with a writing problem,” authors previously of ˆThe Worst Book I Ever Read, Crimes of the Beats, and Help...

  2. Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility

    Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility

    The Colin Ward Reader

    Colin Ward


    Widely regarded as Britain’s most influential anarchist thinker for over half a century, Colin Ward’s work ranges in scope from urban planning to deschooling, from mutualism to...

  3. Communization and its Discontents

    Communization and its Discontents

    Contestation, Critique, and Contemporary Struggles

    Benjamin Noys


    Can we find alternatives to the failed radical projects of the twentieth-century? What are the possible forms of struggle today? How do we fight back against the misery of our crisis-ridden...

  4. ATTA


    Jarett Kobek


    In Semiotext(e)’s “Intervention” Series! Ours is a century of fear. Governments and mass media bombard us with words and images: desert radicals, "rogue states," jihadists, WMDs, existential...

  5. SteamPunk Magazine

    SteamPunk Magazine

    The First Years, Issues #1–7

    Margaret Killjoy


    Although steampunk has been around as a genre since the 1980s, it came into its own as a subculture and artistic movement in the mid-oughts of the twenty-first century. In these first issues of...

  6. Undressing the Academy

    Undressing the Academy

    Or, the Student Handjob

    University For Strategic Optimism


    The weary student handbook genre is in need of a belligerent mauling. This is our crack at the job. We don t want to talk down to anyone, but neither do we want to chat them up, so this is an...

  7. Time and the Suburbs

    Time and the Suburbs

    The Politics of Built Environments and the Future of Dissent

    Rohan Quinby


    The latest in Arbeiter Ring’s amazing Semaphore Series! By combining provocative prose with photo-essay, Time and the Suburbs explores the disappearance of cities in North America under...

  8. Hobos to Street People

    Hobos to Street People

    Artists’ Responses to Homelessness From the New Deal to the Present

    Art Hazelwood


    Hobos to Street People offers a comparison of the culture and politics of homelessness as seen through artwork since the Great Depression. The book is based on the touring exhibition of the...

  9. Watch Yourself

    Watch Yourself

    Why Safer Isn’t Always Better

    Matt Hern


    From warnings on coffee cups to colour–coded terrorist gauges to ubiquitous security cameras, our culture is obsessed with safety. Some of this is drive by lawyers and insurance, and some by...

  10. Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?

    Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?

    Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform

    Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore


    Gay culture has become a nightmare of consumerism, whether it's an endless quest for Absolut vodka, Diesel jeans, rainbow Hummers, pec implants, or Pottery Barn. Whatever happened to sexual...

Items 41 to 50 of 142 total

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