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  1. Love WITH Accountability

    Love WITH Accountability

    Digging up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse

    Aishah Shahidah Simmons

    $20.00 $15.00

    A group of diasporic Black child sexual abuse survivors and advocates use transformative storytelling to explore how we can end child sexual abuse without relying upon racist institutions that...

  2. Love, Sex & Power in Later Life

    Love, Sex & Power in Later Life

    A Libertarian Perspective

    Tony Gibson


    The revolution in sexual mores experienced in the West over the past 40 years has largely bypassed the needs of older people, with the emancipated young often unable to accept that the old,...

  3. Redefining Our Relationships

    Redefining Our Relationships

    Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships

    Wendy-O Matik


    Don't let the title fool you. this IS a serious, thoughtful (and thought-provoking) comprehensive introduction to, and examination of, a much misunderstood and misused practice. But more than that,...

  4. Serpents In The Garden

    Serpents In The Garden

    Liaisons With Culture & Sex

    Jeffrey St. Clair


    Serpents in the Garden. That's how Percy Shelley described the revolutionary quest of his crcle of Romantic poets and writers. And it's a perfect title for this marvelous a cappella of writing on...

  5. Nobody Passes

    Nobody Passes

    Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

    Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore


    Nobody Passes is a collection of essays that confronts and challenges the very notion of belonging. By examining the perilous intersections of identity, categorization and community,...

  6. Wiggling Wishbone

    Wiggling Wishbone

    Stories Of Pata-Sexual Speculation

    Bart Plantenga


    A sinister collection of stories that, through force of language, reveals the limits of power and commerce. His "intelligent rage" addresses Hitler from his dog's point of view, a sexual liaison...

  7. The Touch

    The Touch

    Michael Brownstein


    In this novel, Brownstein's characters lurk in the shadows of enlightenment. The Touch looks into a new age community that is searching for empowerment and sexuality in a time of AIDS. Enter...

  8. Vulvamorphia


    Lillian Lennox


    Vulvamorphiadelves into the fluid system of relationships that perpetually erodes the dominant order through the wave forms of a libidinal economy.

  9. The Unbearables Big Book of Sex

    The Unbearables Big Book of Sex

    The Unbearables


    Another mammoth compilation from Downtown New York’s “drinking group with a writing problem,” authors previously of ˆThe Worst Book I Ever Read, Crimes of the Beats, and Help...

  10. This Young Girl Passing

    This Young Girl Passing

    Donald Breckenridge


    This Young Girl Passing explores the dynamics of an illicit relationship between a troubled schoolgirl and her young French teacher in Upstate NY in the 1970s, simultaneously capturing the...

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