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  1. Make Love, Not War

    Make Love, Not War

    Surrealism 1968!

    Penelope Rosemont


    What was it like? How did they organize? Who invented the slogans that inspired a generation? Never underestimate surrealism: Make Love, Not War! All Power to the Imagination!

  2. The Windmills of Humanity

    The Windmills of Humanity

    On Culture and Surrealism in the Manipulated World

    Ivan Sviták


    Philosopher and critic Ivan Sviták was among the leading Czech intellectuals during the lead-up to the “Prague Spring” of 1968, when tentative reforms by Communist Party...

  3. King Mob

    King Mob

    A Critical Hidden History

    David Wise


    A highly personal, deeply political, coldly analytical and achingly optimistic account of what some consider to be one of the most important English political groupings of the 20th Century and...

  4. (The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle Club

    (The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle Club

    Chicago's Wild 20s!

    Franklin Rosemont


    What do Lucy Parsons, Clarence Darrow, Carl Sandburg, Mary MacLane, Lawrence Lipton, Elizabeth Davis (Queen of the Hoboes), Jun Fujita, Sherwood Anderson, Ralph Chaplin, Katherine Dunham, Djuna...

  5. Annandale Blues

    Annandale Blues

    A Journey in Ralph Ellison's America

    Guy Ducornet


    Ducornet's adventures in America offer a unique perspective on American life; his exotic role as Frenchman in the US allowed him to become an "invisible man" of another sort. While he was treated...

  6. Surregional Explorations

    Surregional Explorations

    Max Cafard


    Philosopher, activist, artist Max Cafard, has been steadily working his way through critiques of Anarchism, Surrealism, Situationism, Media, Cinema, and Regionalism, to arrive to his own...

  7. Scratching the Tiger's Belly

    Scratching the Tiger's Belly

    Ron Sakolsky


    Scratching the Tiger's Belly is a new collection of writings by anarcho-surrealist author Ron Sakolsky: a radical mixtape of hidden histories, rebel poems, prickly rants, black humor,...

  8. Tactical Reality Dictionary

    Tactical Reality Dictionary

    Cultural Intelligence and Social Control

    Konrad Becker


    Culture is not just the expression of individual interests and orientations, manifested in groups according to rules and habits. It also offers identification with a system of values. The...

  9. A Menagerie In Revolt

    A Menagerie In Revolt

    Selected Writings

    Benjamin Peret


    This collection is based on the pioneering anthology of Péret's writings that first appeared in August 1970 in the SDS journal Radical America, introduced by Franklin Rosemont. This...

  10. History Against Misery

    History Against Misery

    Dave Roediger


    A new collection of essays, most of them short, activist pieces, culled from the last 20 years of Roediger's work, and touching on most of his familiar themes of history, culture, whiteness, art,...

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