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  1. Talking To Architects

    Talking To Architects

    Colin Ward


    A collection of ten lectures exploring the alternative traditions in housing design that stress both user needs AND pleasure principles, disputing professional assumptions of architectural design....

  2. Emergent Publics

    Emergent Publics

    An Essay on Social Movements and Democracy

    Ian Angus


    Critical thinker Ian Angus argues for a radical redefinition of democracy. He wrests the concept of democracy away from the notion that a citizen's only real activity is voting, and argues for a...

  3. To The Honorable Miss S....and other stories

    To The Honorable Miss S....and other stories

    B. Traven


    Here are 15 stories by the author who later became famous under the name B. Traven, written during the years when - as Ret Marut - he was an itinerant actor and journalist in Germany before and...

  4. Help Yourself!

    Help Yourself!

    The Unbearables


    The literary, and literate ne'er do wells target Self-Help, in all its guises for this current collection of barbed mayhem. From surviving the workplace, to tips and hints on making relationships...

  5. God And Plastic Surgery

    God And Plastic Surgery

    Marx, Nietzsche, Freud And The Obvious

    Jeremy Barris


    An intriguing work of political philosophy, applying the virtues of the limp male protuberence to the works of the aforementioned scholars (and Socrates for good measure)..

  6. Trotskyism And Maoism

    Trotskyism And Maoism

    Theory And Practice In France And United States

    A. Belden Fields


    A critical analysis (and comparison) of the two major interpretations of Marxist-Leninism, and their effects (particularly in the 70s) in both countries where they had some major influence. Based...

  7. The Root Is Man

    The Root Is Man

    Dwight MacDonald


    A reissue of this classic text, first published in 1946, with a lengthy introduction from Kevin Coogan. "We must emphasize the emotions, the imagination, the moral feelings, the primacy of the...

  8. Spermatogonia


    The Isle Of Man

    Bart Plantenga


    Psychogeography is the study of the effects of the geographic environment on the emotions and behavior of individuals. So when Kees Califlora, a corporate psychogeographer (paid to locate places...

  9. Rebel Alliances

    Rebel Alliances

    The Means and Ends of British Anarchisms

    Benjamin Franks


    Rebel Alliances offers an applied philosophical perspective on contemporary class-struggle anarchism in Britain. It identifies the main principles distinguishing this tradition from...

  10. What's My Name, Fool?

    What's My Name, Fool?

    Sports and Resistance in the United States

    Dave Zirin


    What's My Name, Fool?offers a no-holds-barred look at the business of sports today. In humorous and accessible language, Zirin shows how sports express the worst, as well as the most...

Items 11 to 20 of 157 total

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