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  1. Immortal


    Mourning, Martyrs & Murals

    Hannah Pierce

    $12.95 $9.71

    Immortal: Mourning, Martyrs & Murals is an independent publication dealing with love, loss, and solidarity a year on after the deaths of two revolutionaries.

  2. Behind The Twenty-First Century Intifada

    Behind The Twenty-First Century Intifada


    $5.00 $3.75

    This essay, from the English journal Aufheben, is a well-researched and excellent analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Starting at the turn of the century and continuing until the present...

  3. An Issue of Justice

    An Issue of Justice

    Origins of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

    Norman Finkelstein

    $14.98 $11.24

    Finkelstein breaks down the history, causes and consequences of the Israel/Palestine conflict, from 1948 to today.

  4. War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    Robert Fisk

    $13.98 $10.49

    "...He's like no reporter from the Mideast we get in the McPapers of America."—Greg Palast"As a war correspondent he is unrivaled."—Financial Times"The most...

  5. A Little Piece of Ground

    A Little Piece of Ground

    Elizabeth Laird

    $9.95 $7.46

    Written by Elizabeth Laird, one of the UK's best-known young adult authors, A Little Piece Of Ground is one boy's telling of the human cost of the occupation of Palestinian lands. 12 year...

  6. Hieroglyphica


    Peter Lamborn Wilson

    $6.00 $4.50

    Whoever learns to read hieroglyphics could also learn to write them - projective semiotics - text as spell - sarcophagus of disembodied will. An anonymous tract with bears all the hallmarks of the...

  7. A Living Revolution

    A Living Revolution

    Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement

    James Horrox

    $17.95 $13.46

    Against the backdrop of the early development of Palestinian-Jewish and Israeli society, James Horrox explores the history of the kibbutz movement: intentional communities based on cooperative...

  8. Gaza in Crisis

    Gaza in Crisis

    Reflections on Israel’s War Against the Palestinians

    Noam Chomsky

    $16.00 $12.00

    Described by a UN fact-finding mission as "a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate, and terrorize a civilian population," Israel's Operation Cast Lead thrust the...

  9. Eyes to the South

    Eyes to the South

    French Anarchists & Algeria

    David Porter

    $25.00 $18.75

    "Porter's sensitive, learned, and accessible account is highly recommended for anyone wishing to acquire a deeper knowledge of the history of modern Algeria, as well as of the range of anarchist...

  10. ATTA


    Jarett Kobek

    $13.95 $10.46

    In Semiotext(e)’s “Intervention” Series! Ours is a century of fear. Governments and mass media bombard us with words and images: desert radicals, "rogue states," jihadists, WMDs, existential...

Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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