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  1. Immortal


    Mourning, Martyrs & Murals

    Hannah Pierce


    Immortal: Mourning, Martyrs & Murals is an independent publication dealing with love, loss, and solidarity a year on after the deaths of two revolutionaries.

  2. Behind The Twenty-First Century Intifada

    Behind The Twenty-First Century Intifada



    This essay, from the English journal Aufheben, is a well-researched and excellent analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Starting at the turn of the century and continuing until the present...

  3. An Issue of Justice

    An Issue of Justice

    Origins of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

    Norman Finkelstein


    Finkelstein breaks down the history, causes and consequences of the Israel/Palestine conflict, from 1948 to today.

  4. War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    War, Journalism, and the Middle East

    Robert Fisk


    "...He's like no reporter from the Mideast we get in the McPapers of America."—Greg Palast"As a war correspondent he is unrivaled."—Financial Times"The most...

  5. A Little Piece of Ground

    A Little Piece of Ground

    Elizabeth Laird


    Written by Elizabeth Laird, one of the UK's best-known young adult authors, A Little Piece Of Ground is one boy's telling of the human cost of the occupation of Palestinian lands. 12 year...

  6. Hieroglyphica


    Peter Lamborn Wilson


    Whoever learns to read hieroglyphics could also learn to write them - projective semiotics - text as spell - sarcophagus of disembodied will. An anonymous tract with bears all the hallmarks of the...

  7. A Living Revolution

    A Living Revolution

    Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement

    James Horrox


    Against the backdrop of the early development of Palestinian-Jewish and Israeli society, James Horrox explores the history of the kibbutz movement: intentional communities based on cooperative...

  8. Gaza in Crisis

    Gaza in Crisis

    Reflections on Israel’s War Against the Palestinians

    Noam Chomsky


    Described by a UN fact-finding mission as "a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate, and terrorize a civilian population," Israel's Operation Cast Lead thrust the...

  9. Eyes to the South

    Eyes to the South

    French Anarchists & Algeria

    David Porter


    "Porter's sensitive, learned, and accessible account is highly recommended for anyone wishing to acquire a deeper knowledge of the history of modern Algeria, as well as of the range of anarchist...

  10. ATTA


    Jarett Kobek


    In Semiotext(e)’s “Intervention” Series! Ours is a century of fear. Governments and mass media bombard us with words and images: desert radicals, "rogue states," jihadists, WMDs, existential...

Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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