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  1. The Russian Counterrevolution

    The Russian Counterrevolution



    This book traces a timeline of the Bolshevik crackdown on revolutionary currents in Russia and elsewhere around the world, starting before the October Revolution and running up to the treaty...

  2. Capital's Greek Cage

    Capital's Greek Cage

    George Caffentzis


    “If we are to understand molecular biopolitics then we must see it working in the participatory mechanism of fascism and today’s fascism from below…Führers and inspired leaders do not seem to be...

  3. The Bristol Manifesto

    The Bristol Manifesto

    The 2008 G8 in Hokkaido—A Strategic Assessment

    Emergency Exit Collective


    When Bristol Radical History Group staged a series of events called "Down With The Fences! The Struggle For The Global Commons" in May 2008, a group leading academics found themselves together in...

  4. Anarchy in the USSR

    Anarchy in the USSR

    A New Beginning

    Philip Ruff


    "Seventy years after the death of Kropotkin, the massacre of the Kronstadt Commune and the rout of Makhno, the Party which outlawed anarchism in Russia has itself become a banned organization. But...

  5. A Grand Cause

    A Grand Cause

    The Hunger Strike and the Deportation of Anarchists from Soviet Russia

    GP Maximoff


    Grigorii Petrovich Maksimov (better known to western readers as G. P. Maximoff) was Secretary of Russia s Anarcho-Syndicalist Confederation and editor of Golos Truda (The Voice of Labour)....

  6. Queen of the Bolsheviks

    Queen of the Bolsheviks

    The Hidden History of Dr. Marie Equi

    Nancy Krieger


    Now forgotten, Dr. Marie Equi was a physician for working-class women and children, a lesbian, and a dynamic and flamboyant political activist. Spanning the period from the consolidation of...

  7. The Early Days of Greek Anarchism

    The Early Days of Greek Anarchism

    "The Democratic Club Of Patras" & "Social Radicalism In Greece"

    Paul Pomonis


    During the days of the First International, anarchism took root in Greece: the first Greek anarchist publication came out in 1861. The Democratic Club of Patras (founded in 1876) was organized to...

  8. The Almost Perfect Crime

    The Almost Perfect Crime

    The Misrepresentation Of Portuguese Anarchism

    Julio Carrapato


    Portuguese anarchism has been overshadowed by the events in neighboring Spain - and often deliberately ignored by statist partisans of communism and liberalism. But, for all that, Portugal has a...

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