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  1. Culture Wars

    Culture Wars

    The Threat To Your Family and Your Freedom

    Marie Alena Castle


    Boldly stated and passionately supported, this argument against religious influence on the American government and legal system analyzes the impact that religion has on culture in the United...

  2. Anarchist Studies Journal

    Anarchist Studies Journal

    Sharif Gemie


    The premier scholarly journal on anarchism (published twice a year), and a fine one it is too. This issue is centered around an anarchist approach to Secularism, Religion & Diversity, and includes...

  3. The Devil's Dictionaries, Second Edition

    The Devil's Dictionaries, Second Edition

    The Best of "The Devil's Dictionary" and "The American Heretic's Dictionary," Revised

    Chaz Bufe


    With an Introduction by Earl Lee, Prefaces by both Ambrose Bierce and Chaz Bufe - 208 definitions by Bierce & 524 definitions by Bufeplus 55 illustrations by J.R. Swanson and 6 pages of...

  4. The Unholy Bible

    The Unholy Bible

    Hebrew Literature of the Kingdom Period

    Jacob Rabinowitz


    Classicist Jacob Rabinowitz took a look at biblical texts available in English translation and found them wanting. The Unholy Bible contains his re-translation of the most egregiously...

  5. God And The State

    God And The State

    Mikhail Bakunin


    A colorful, charismatic personality, violent, ebullient, and energetic, Bakunin was one of two poles between which 19th and early 20th-century anarchism was formed. Although it was never finished,...

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