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  1. Language And Politics

    Language And Politics

    Noam Chomsky


    An enormous chronological collection of over fifty interviews conducted with Chomsky beginning with his from 1968 discussion of the US war on Vietnam and ending soon after the apearnce of his...

  2. God And Plastic Surgery

    God And Plastic Surgery

    Marx, Nietzsche, Freud And The Obvious

    Jeremy Barris


    An intriguing work of political philosophy, applying the virtues of the limp male protuberence to the works of the aforementioned scholars (and Socrates for good measure)..

  3. Thought Dreams

    Thought Dreams

    Radical Theory For The 21st Century

    Micheal Albert


    "With his combination of hard-edged logic and visionary hope, Michael Albert is one of the treasures of the Left." [Barbara Ehrenreich]How does a Marxist talk about gender? How does a feminist...

  4. The Ecology of Freedom

    The Ecology of Freedom

    The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy

    Murray Bookchin


    Bookchin's crowning work. "The most systematic articulation of ideas." —San Francisco Review of Books"...a confirmation of his [Bookchin's] status as a...

  5. No Gods No Masters

    No Gods No Masters

    An Anthology of Anarchism

    Daniel Guerin


    Guérin's classic anthology of anarchism translated and reprinted, available for the first time in a single volume.It details a vast array of unpublished documents, letters, debates,...

  6. DATA browser 01

    DATA browser 01

    Economising Culture

    Anya Lewin


    The interaction between culture and economy was famously explored by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer by the term 'Kulturindustrie' (The Culture Industry) to describe the production of mass...

  7. The Trouble With Music

    The Trouble With Music

    Mat Callahan


    "The Trouble with Music isn't anything like most books about music. Those other books start by assuming that today's music world looked just the same yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. Mat...

  8. Labor of Dionysus

    Labor of Dionysus

    A Critique of the State-Form

    Michael Hardt


    "Labor is the living, form-giving fire," Marx wrote. "It is the transitoriness of things, their temporality, as their transformation by living time." How is it, then, that labor, with all its...

  9. Savage Survivals

    Savage Survivals

    J. Howard Moore


    This is the 1934 hardcover edition of the original firstprinted and published in 1905 by the venerable Kerr Co. Originally based on a series of lectures, this is another classic of working-class...

  10. Taking Responsibility Taking Direction

    Taking Responsibility Taking Direction

    White Anti-Racism in Canada

    Sheila Wilmot


    Wilmot argues that the participation of white progressives in anti-racist movements and organizations in Canada badly needs an overhaul. With this thesis, she begins her assessment of anti-racist...

Items 11 to 20 of 88 total

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