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Prisons on Fire

Prisons on Fire

George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation

Freedom Archives (Editor)

  • Publisher: AK Press/Alternative Tentacles
  • Format: CD
  • Binding: CD
  • Released: Jan 9, 2002
  • ISBN-13: 9781902593524

Published by AK Press


Thirty years ago, America's prisons burned. Here's how, why, and what happened.
Who were the Attica Brothers? Why did 1,500 Black, Puerto Rican, and white prisoners seize control of the New York prison? And who was George Jackson? And the Soledad Brothers? And why was he murdered by the San Quentin prison administration? What is the legacy of the prison movement? And what do these forgotten histories tell us about prisons, repression, and the struggle for freedom today?
Thirty years later, through a mixtures of archive audio and contemporary interviews, music and narration, the voices of George Jackson; Jonathan Jackson Jr.; Georgia Jackson (mother of George and Jonathan Jackson); Angela Davis; David Hilliard (former Black Panther Party leader); James Baldwin; Harry Belafonte; David Johnson, Hugo Pinell, Luis Talamantez and Sundiata Tate (all charged with the San Quentin rebellion following the murder of George Jackson); Frank "Big Black" Smith (Attica Brother and prison activist); William Kunstler; Elizabeth Fink and Michael Deutsch (attorneys for the Attica Brothers); L.D. Barkley (Attica Brother, murdered in the retaking of the prison in September of 1971, and who announced the "Attica Manifesto" to the world); and Ruchell Magee (prison activist and leader, still in prison for his political activities) introduce and grapple with this history and its lessons for today, and tomorrow.

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