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Pretty In Punk

Pretty In Punk

Girls' Gender Resistance in a Boys' Subculture

Lauraine Leblanc (Author)

  • Publisher: Rutgers University Press
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Pages: 304
  • Released: Jan 3, 1999
  • ISBN-13: 9780813526508


A superb subcultural investigation—from a punk author—which manages to weave personal narrative, interviews, and history with critical theory and analysis. This is about women in punk, from a female perspective. What attracts girls to male-dominated youth subcultures like punk? What role does the subculture play in their perceptions of themselves, and in their self-esteem? How do girls reconcile a subcultural identity that is deliberately coded "masculine" with the demands of "femininity"? From the origins of punk, to why girls decide to go punk, to patterns of resistance to gender norms and the tactics girls use to deal with violence and harassment, this is a great book.

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