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Perspectives On Anarchist Theory

Perspectives On Anarchist Theory

Lara Messersmith-Glavin (Editor); Paul Messersmith-Glavin (Editor); Maia Ramnath (Editor); Sara Rahnoma-Galindo (Editor); Carla Bergman (Editor); Kristian Williams (Editor)

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  • Publisher: Institute For Anarchist Studies
  • Format: Magazine
  • Binding: Journal
  • Released: May 3, 2016
  • ISBN-13: 9781939202222

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$10.00 $7.50


Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is an essential journal published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies (an organization established to support the development of anarchism, and copublishers with us of the "Anarchist Interventions" series). The journal includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers and translators, features with anarchist views on contemporary issues, book reviews, updates, and more. We highly recommend checking out Perspectives—its editors assemble a solid range of pieces exploring a different topic with each issue. Always worth reading and considering how these topics play out in our struggles.

The new issue (No. 29, spring 2016), titled "Anarcha-Feminisms," opens with a graphic story by Cindy Crabb, author of the long-running zine "Doris." The issue contains essays on the history of ‘70s anarcha-feminism; the relation between Black feminism and anarchism; women and the relation between the psychological sciences and the prison system; the dominant approaches to the relationship between anarchism and feminism, including a feminist critique of how anarchism falls short; indigenous feminism; and organizing anarchist responses to Hepatitis C and HIV. It also includes a manifesto challenging liberal tendencies in anarchist feminism by two members of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation writing from Chile, and drawing on South American militant movements; and a personal account of exclusion and inclusion in radical circles by a young Trans person. Not to mention book reviews (also on topic!), a reflection by original IAS board member Paul Messersmith-Glavin on 20 years of the IAS, and more IAS-related news and updates. With cover design by Josh MacPhee, and color art work by Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative members, N.O. Bonzo, and others.

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