Party of Conscience The CCF, the NDP, and Social Democracy in Canada

Roberta Lexier (Editor); Stephanie Bangarth (Editor); Jonathan Weier (Editor)


Publisher: Between the Lines
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 280
Released: September 4, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781771133920

Surveying the field of political history in Canada, one might assume that the politics of the nation have been shaped solely by the Liberal and Conservative parties. Relatively little attention has been paid to the contributions of the CCF and NDP in Canadian politics. This collection remedies this imbalance with a critical examination of the place of social democracy in Canadian history and politics.

Bringing together the work of politicians, think tank members, party activists, union members, scholars, students, and social movement actors in important discussions about social democracy delving into an array of topics including municipal, provincial, and national issues, labour relations, feminism, contemporary social movements, war and society, security issues, and the media, Party of Conscience reminds Canadians of the important contributions the CCF and NDP have made to a progressive, compassionate idea of Canada.

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