nora's place And Other Poems 1965-1995

(Tom Leonard, Author/Performer)


Publisher: AK Press
Format: CD
Released: January 1, 1997
ISBN-13: 9781873176399

An astonishing collection of work of Scots poet Tom Leonard, who, together with James Kelman, revolutionized the way we look at literature and provided a literary voice for the working class experience. This anthology, read by the author, draws on all of his work over the years, as well as new poems performed here for the first time. It includes his legendary satirical monologues, "Leonard's Shorter Catechism," and an essay, as well as selections from Intimate Voices, Six Glasgow Poems, Situations Theoretical And Contemporary and Radical Renfrew. Highly recommended for everyone who thinks that poetry is crap. Most of it is. This isn't.
AK press

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