NO! Against Adult Supremacy

NO! (Editor)


Publisher: Dog Section Press / Active Distribution
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Released: May 21, 2019
ISBN-13: 9780993543531

NO! Against Adult Supremacy is a collection that draws together all twenty issues of the NO! zine into one print edition.

"Every hierarchy, every abuse, every act of domination that seeks to justify or excuse itself appeals through analogy to the rule of adults over children. We are all indoctrinated from birth in ways of 'because I said so.' The flags of supposed experience, benevolence, and familial obligation are the first of many paraded through our lives to celebrate the suppression of our agency, the dismissal of our desires, the reduction of our personhood. Our whole world is caught in a cycle of abuse, largely unexamined and unnamed. And at its root lies our dehumanisation of children."

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