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Modern Politics

Modern Politics

C.L.R. James (Author); Martin Glaberman (Preface)

  • Publisher: Charles H. Kerr
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Pages: 167
  • Released: Jan 1, 1973
  • ISBN-13: No ISBN


Originally delivered as a series of lectures in Trinidad in 1960, James expounds on the relevance of Marxism, and revolution, for our times, from Charlie Chaplin to the Workers' Councils.
"It is and has been for years my unshakable conviction that sooner or later the people of the West Indies, as people everywhere else, will be faced with practical choices and decisions on their attitude to Marxism. Marxism, as I have tried to show, covers a wide variety of theory and practice. It is my hope that these lectures will contribute to a wise choice, if and when the choice has to be made, to whatever extent and degree. A mistake could ruin our lives for at least a generation." —C.L.R. James, from his preface
"The interest in this book extends far beyond the West Indies. In explaining the meaning of socialism to an audience in an underdeveloped country, James has made the struggle for socialism universal." —Martin Glaberman, from his introduction

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