Mob Action Against the State Collected Speeches from the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

Barry Pateman (Contributor); Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Contributor); Christian Parenti (Contributor); Craig O'Hara (Contributor); Cindy Milstein (Contributor); Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin (Contributor); Stephen Dunifer (Contributor); Elizabeth Martinez (Contributo

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Publisher: AK Press/Alternative Tentacles
Format: Mutiple CD Set
Binding: CD
Released: September 17, 2002
ISBN-13: 9781902593517

The Bay Area is rich in local radicals—and most of them have taken a turn at the microphone of the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair. Here's an all-star collection from the speakers' corner of the book fair: Jello Biafra, spoken word artist and ex-frontman for punk band Dead Kennedys; Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti; author Christian Parenti (Lockdown America); author and punk rocker Craig O'Hara (The Philosophy of Punk); anti-prison activist and author Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Golden Gulag); and Emma Goldman Papers Project curator Barry Pateman cut loose on anarchism, art, prisons, politics, and more, in a relaxed setting.
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