Lunch for Insurgents

Norman Nawrocki (Author), Caro Caron (Illustrator), Gord Hill (Illustrator), David Lester (Illustrator), Matta (Illustrator), Maurice Pressé (Illustrator), Maurice Spira, Benoit Tremblay (Illustrator), Tania Willard (Illustrator), Yvetta Wu (Illustrator),


Publisher: Les Pages Noires
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 80
Released: January 9, 2009
ISBN-13: 9782980576300

Another incendiary poetic collection of insightful commentary, oral molotovs and daring fantasies from the rebel wordsmith arguing why a socially just, war-free, healthy world here and now, should be on everyone's 'to do list.' Norman Nawrocki, a veteran rebel wordsmith, suggests how thinking imaginative citizens engaged in simple everyday creative resistance can make this happen.

Read how fed-up baristas, assertive bus passengers, anarchists, "urban gophers," and "an army of dreamers" dare to challenge the arrogance, excuses and assumptions of corporate and State apologists. Nod as Nawrocki exposes the myths surrounding "national security" and American oil wars that lead to the denial of basic human rights. HIs voice speaks for people aching for an end to institutionalized greed, deceit, and robbery, an end to the lies trying to shore up a system that clearly does not work.

Includes original, compelling art by Canadian artists Caro Caron, Gord Hill, David Lester, Matta, Maurice Pressé, Maurice Spira, Benoit Tremblay, Tania Willard, Yvetta Wu from Hong Kong and Poderiu from Portugal.
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