Love Without Bounds An IntersectionAllies Book about Families

Chelsea Johnson (Author); LaToya Council (Author); Carolyn Choi (Author); Ashley Seil Smith (Illustrator)


Publisher: Dottir Press
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 48
Released: January 24, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781948340519

Written by three celebrated women of color sociologists, Love Without Bounds: An IntersectionAllies Book about Families is a joyful, heartwarming celebration of family in all its forms: multicultural families; LGBTQ+ families; adoptive and foster care families; single-parent and blended families; transnational families; families impacted by incarceration, detention, and deportation; chosen families; military families; and more. By focusing on the choices families make to persistently love and care for one another in the face of inequality and inequity, Love Without Bounds is a necessary resource to make sure all kids feel seen and loved for who they are in community with each another.

Features gorgeous illustrations throughout by Ashley Seil Smith and a colorful, informative discussion guide that explains the concepts shown in the book.

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