Juice is Stranger than Friction Selected Writings of T-Bone Slim

T-Bone Slim (Author), Franklin Rosemont (Editor)


Publisher: Charles H Kerr
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 160
Released: January 1, 1992
ISBN-13: 9780882860701

"A working stuff, a hobo, and an irreconcilable revolutionist...second only to Joe Hill as the IWW's most popular songwriter, T-Bone Slim incontestably was the Wobblie's greatest 'man of letters.' For two decades readers of IWW publications recognized him as the Union's 'most noted columnist.' America's finest hobo wordsmith and a remarkable aphorist, he also merits a place among the great American humorists. The aim of the present volume is to make available for the first time a representative selection of work by an important author who has suffered undeserved neglect. Every message of pure revolt deserves to be heard, and T-Bone Slim's is one of the purest. His writing at its best has a remarkable flair, a deep and dazzling humor, a profound awareness of the sensuous alchemy of words. It also happens to be unlike anything else in the world." —Franklin Rosemont, from the introduction
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