Jo Labadie and His Little Books

Jo Labadie (Author); Michael E. Coughlin (Editor)


Publisher: Michael E Coughlin
Format: Book
Binding: hb
Pages: 110
Released: May 10, 2014

Jo Labadie was a prolific writer, printer and publisher. Most of his work was issued as small books from his beloved woodland retreat at Bubbling Waters outside Detroit. There, he and his family typeset, printed and hand bound his essays and poems and issued them to avid readers across the United States. The essays and poems that make up this new book were selected from several of the little books he published.
Jo Labadie and His Little Books is a long-overdue tribute to a man who believed deeply in human liberty and spent his days working to free people from the burdens imposed on them by governments and crony capitalists.
This book was typeset on a Model 31 Linotype in 11 point Granjon and letterpress printed on a 10 X 15 Kluge platen press.  Paper used is Mohawk Superfine 70# text.  The book was sewn and hard cover cloth bound, with all work being done at the print shop in Cornucopia, Wisconsin in 2014.
This limited-edition book of eighty-three copies is dedicated to Carlotta Anderson and Julie Herrada, both of whom have done much to keep alive the memory of Joseph Labadie.
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