Home and Native Land Unsettling Multiculturalism in Canada

May Chazan (Editor); Lisa Helps (Editor); Anna Stanley (Editor); Sonali Thakkar (Editor)


Publisher: Between the Lines
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 256
Released: July 26, 2011
ISBN-13: 9781897071618

Home and Native Land takes its vastly important topic and places it under a new, penetrating light–shifting focus from the present grounds of debate onto a more critical terrain.

The book’s articles, by some of the foremost critical thinkers and activists on issues of difference, diversity, and Canadian policy, challenge sedimented thinking on the subject of multiculturalism. Not merely “another book” on race relations, national identity, or the post 9-11 security environment, this collection forges new and innovative connections by examining how multiculturalism relates to issues of migration, security, labour, environment/nature, and land. These novel pairings illustrate the continued power, limitations, and, at times, destructiveness of multiculturalism, both as policy and as discourse.

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