The Historical Failure of Anarchism Implications for the Revolutionary Project

Christopher Day (Author)


Publisher: Kersplebedeb
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: pam
Released: August 28, 2013
ISBN-13: 9781894946452

"The Historical Failure of Anarchism" was originally written for a conference on anarchist strategy in 1996 and subsequently became the object of controversy within the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation where it was seen as a break with anarchism. The resulting debates precipitated the breakup of Love and Rage in 1998. Members of L&R went on to work in the Fire By Night Organizing Committee, Bring the Ruckus, and NEFAC, among other projects.

This pamphlet is an exposition of the failure of anarchism to successfully carry out or defend revolution in the 20th century, raising poignant questions for the future.
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