Hip Mama

Ariel Gore (Editor); Tomas Moniz (Contributor)


Publisher: Hip Mama
Format: Magazine
Binding: zine/journal
Pages: 32
Released: June 3, 2015

A feminist parenting zine for all kinds of families! Everything from musings on pregnancy and parenting to identity, politics, and culture. Along with letters, poetry, reviews, and more! Each issue has a unique theme.

Ariel Gore is back after five years!! The latest issue is #57 (released June 2015). As usual lots of great articles: "More Doulas, Fewer Airbrushes" (about the need for postpartum care, not lies about getting back in shape); "Our Hyperactive Selves" (about accepting our brains for what they are); interviews with two moms in a correctional center; the winners of the short story contest; and more. 

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