Grace Paley's Life Stories

Judith Arcana (Author)


Publisher: Eberhardt Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 312
Released: February 19, 2019

Grace Paley's Life Stories, the biography of renowned author and activist Grace Paley, explores the roots of her political consciousness and traces her work as an activist as it grew into her work as a storyteller. Grace teaches us what it takes and how to do it: Calling for liberation, peace and justice, crying out to save the burning earth, demanding healthcare for all and the right of women to determine the course of their lives. Her struggle through the decades — in the streets and in her stories — is the same as our struggle, right now.

Though Grace died in 2007, her work as an activist and writer lives. Grace Paley’s Life Stories is a tool for understanding the past, and for using the past to create the future we need. Grace’s commitment to hope, and the work necessary to sustain it, continues to inspire activists, writers — and everybody else.

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