Gone To Croatan Origins of North American Drop Out Culture

(James Koehline, Editor); (Ron Sakolsky, Editor); (Peter Lamborn Wilson, Contributor); (Marcus Rediker, Contributor); (Peter Linebaugh, Contributor); (David Porter, Contributor); (Neal Keating, Contributor)


Publisher: Autonomedia
Binding: pb
Pages: 381
Released: January 1, 1993
ISBN-13: 9780936756929

"America" was founded as a land of dropouts. Almost at once it began to produce its own crop of dissidents—visionaries, utopians, white and black, "Indians," sailors and buccaneers, tax rebels, angry women, crank reformers—all on the lam from Babylon, from control. Now here they are again, speaking through radical historians and in the present, in their own voices, claiming to have been the real "America" all along. A stellar cast tell their tales, including Peter Lamborn Wilson, Marcus Rediker and Peter Linebaugh, Neal Keating, Thom Metzger, Rachel Buff, Jack Forbers, Carlos Cortez, and Guillermo Gomez-Pena.
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