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Global Warming For Beginners

Global Warming For Beginners

Dean Goodwin (Author); Joe Lee (Illustrator)

  • Publisher: For Beginners
  • Format: Book
  • Binding: pb
  • Pages: 140
  • Released: Jan 1, 2009
  • ISBN-13: 9781934389270


The science is in: Global warming is for real. But what does it all really mean, and what can or should we do about it? This clear, fluid narrative by a leading scientist and educator takes a scrupulously balanced approach in explaining for the reader the history of global climate monitoring and change, and the who’s, how’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s of the interaction between human activity and recent trends in the Earth’s climate. Global Warming For Beginners is organized into five compelling sections: Global Warming, An Introduction; The Cause; The Consequences; The Solutions; and What Steps Can I Take?

Working from the premise that no one can do everything but everyone can do something, Goodwin challenges readers with experiments they can conduct to gain a better understanding of the science underlying the problems facing our planet, and concludes with a list of fifty easy actions people can choose from to start doing their part in the effort to slow or stop global warming.

As with all For Beginners titles, this volume is illustrated throughout with entertaining drawings that help readers understand and retain the information in Goodwin’s lively and comprehensive text.

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