Gender Heretics Evangelicals, Feminists, and the Alliance against Trans Liberation

Rebecca Jane Morgan (Author)


Publisher: Pluto
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 216
Released: September 19, 2023
ISBN-13: 9780745349015

For decades, conservative evangelicals and Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) have worked hand-in-hand to oppose trans liberation. But how did this alliance come about? What makes it tick? And how can trans people and allies respond?

This book, written by a trans feminist who is also an evangelical Christian, is a history of reactionary ideas. It traces how a shared belief in the essential unity of the mind and the body, together with a common fear of "dualist" or "Gnostic" philosophies, brought these groups into contact in the 1970s.

<i>Gender Heretics</i> explores how theological arguments snaked their way from anti-trans feminist tracts into the everyday practices of evangelical churches today. And it offers a hopeful way forward, advocating for a fundamental recalibration of evangelical thought on gender identity and trans activism.

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