Futures: A Science Fiction Series Box Set

Radix Media (Editor)


Publisher: Radix Media
Format: Pamphlet
Binding: 7x pam
Released: November 15, 2019
ISBN-13: 9781734048704

Futures: A Science Fiction Series utilizes the chapbook format—a saddle-stitched pamphlet—as a vehicle to explore these stories more fully. Through this format, the reader is more immersed in the stories themselves, and when you turn the final page, your journey with that individual story is complete. We believe that good science fiction reflects the dreams and nightmares of the present day. By exploring the issues contained in these stories, we hope that the reader gains a better understanding of our world today so that they can build the future they want to see.

Each title in the Futures series has offset printed interiors, and a two-color letterpress printed cover.

This box set includes all seven chapbooks in the series:
Always Blue by John Dermot Woods (April 2019)
Guava Summer by Vera Kurian (May 2019)
Muri by Ashley Shelby (June 2019)
Hard Mother, Spider Mother, Soft Mother by Hal Y. Zhang (July 2019)
What You Call by Germ Lynn (August 2019)
A Point of Honor by Aeryn Rudel (September 2019)
Milo (01001101 01101001 01101100 01101111) by Alexander Pyles (October 2019)

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