Float Me Away, Floodwaters

Adam Gnade (Author)


Publisher: Bread & Roses Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 115
Released: August 2, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781939899378

A pocketsize novel concerning modern farm living, wayward country punks, and the New Old West, Adam Gnade’s Float Me Away, Floodwaters is a documentation of life on the margins of society, in the places forgotten by the city—the honkytonks and interstate campgrounds, the ghosts of cattle-towns and the desolate strip-malls. It’s about ripping all the bullshit from your life and looking for things that make living worthwhile in the midst of poverty, political divisiveness, and a dying empire.

“Float me away,” the story says, away from loss and defeat, toward “somewhere without prisons up the road and white supremacists in the holler and long, daunting winters and that hard prairie wind that kicks up in the morning and doesn’t quit all day.”

Float Me Away, Floodwaters is an ode to survival and place, home and away …

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