Flasher A Memoir

Tsaurah Litzky (Author)

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Publisher: Autonomedia
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 172
Released: April 24, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781570273346

"The only porn i read is Tsaurah Litzky’s. It has the necessary je ne sait toit.” — Tuli Kupferberg, co-founder, the Fugs, author of Teach Yourself Fucking

“Tsaurah Litzky is fully exposed. Flasher moves the reader quickly with incisive prose that places you immediately in the moment. This is a beautiful history of New York, old and new, experienced through the life of one woman living unconventionally; balancing lovers, family and bohemia, with a passion for desire and all things lusty and strange.” — Chavisa Woods, author of The Albino Album; Love Does Make Make Me Gentle or Kind; and Things to Do When You’re Goth in the Country

“The bawdy tales that make up Tsaurah Litzky’s memoir serve as the perfect antidote to the fear and loathing gripping America’s psyche today. Flasher is funny, poignant, sexy, philosophical and one hell of a good read.” — Danny Dhot, author of Works

“In Flasher, Tsaurah Litzky writes with brio, wisdom, insight, and humor, about sex, yoga, the family, the body and aging, the New York scene past and present, work, and, most of all, love. She illuminates the experiences, processes, and strategies of a bountifully creative woman who has sustained a significant body of work and joyously full life.” — Marjorie Tesser, editor of Mom Egg Review

“I think the Greeks got it right when they posited a precarious balance between life (eros) and Death (thanatos). With so much crap being dumped daily on that side of the scale, it’s vital to create life-affirming work to keep everything from being totally erased. Flasher, Tsaurah Litzky’s collection of stories, does that; she not only gets the eros right, she transcends the worldly altogether on her path to the spiritual, taking us along with her on a wild ride! Highly recommended!” — Ron Kolm, author of A Change in the Weather and Night Shift

Flasher: A Memoir is the powerful testimony of woman/human/poet/writer/collagist Tsaurah Litzky whose life is always lived to the maximum in ways only a courageous human spirit can manifest. Written with her uniquely genuine poetic voice, the forty-two chapters can be read individually, each a precious gem with its own charm, or you can read the entire book as a big embracing ocean of dynamic human drama in one shot. The sparkling wisdom born out of a life guided by her non-conformist passion will take you to the magically nurturing world where the tides of life come in and out every morning and night individually.” — Yuko Otomo, author of Study

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