Expect Anything, Fear Nothing The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere

Jakob Jakobsen (Editor); Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen (Editor)


Publisher: Minor Compositions
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 288
Released: March 1, 2012
ISBN-13: 9788799365128

The first English publication to focus on Scandinavian Situationists and their role in the Situationist International's attempt to revolutionize the world through rejecting bourgeois art and critiquing the post-World War II capitalist consumer society.

While the previous reception of the Situationist movement has almost exclusively focused on the contribution of the French section and in particular on the role of the Guy Debord, this book aims to shed light on the activities of the Situationists active outside of Paris in places like Denmark, Sweden and Holland.

The book contains articles, conversations and statements by former members of the SI as well as contemporary artists, activists, scholars and writers.

The themes and stories chronicled include: The anarchist undertakings of the Drakabygget movement led by the rebel artists Jorgen Nash, Hardy Strid and Jens Jorgen Thorsen, the exhibition by the Situationist International Destruction of RSG-6 in 1963 in Odense organized by the painter and Situationist J.V. Martin, the journal The Situationist Times edited by the painter Jacqueline de Jong, Asger Jorn's political critique of natural science and the films of the Drakabygget movement.

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