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Every Cook Can Govern

Every Cook Can Govern

CLR James (Author)

  • Publisher: Bewick
  • Format: Pamphlet
  • Binding: pam
  • Pages: 32
  • Released: Mar 15, 1996
  • ISBN-13: NoISBN


James' classic study of democracy in ancient Greece and its meaning for today serves as a damning critique of both liberal democrats and bureaucratic socialists alike. "Perhaps the most striking thing about Greek Democracy was that the administration (and there were immense administrative problems) was organized upon the basis of what is known as sortition, or, more easily, selection by lot. The vast majority of Greek officials were chosen by a method which amounted to putting names into a hat and appointing the ones whose names came out. Now the average CIO bureaucrat or Labor Member of Parliament in Britain would fall in a fit if it was suggested to him that any worker selected at random could do the work that he is doing, but that was precisely the guiding principle of Greek Democracy. And this form of government is the government under which flourished the greatest civilization the world has ever known."

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