Ecology for the 99% Twenty Capitalist Myths Debunked

Frédéric Legault (Author); Arnaud Theurillat-Cloutier (Author); Alain Savard (Author); Clément de Gaulejac (Illustrator); Charles Simard (Translator)


Publisher: Between the Lines
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Pages: 276
Released: March 19, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781771136457


If everyone—from Emmanuel Macron to Jeff Bezos, and even Coca Cola (which we are not drinking, right?)—is green, why is the environmental crisis growing at an alarmingly rapid rate? The world is already experiencing the impact of climate crisis, but we are not equally responsible for its violent effects. Some of those who claim to be helping the planet are actually making things worse. To avoid being duped by false allies and to create an ecology for the 99%, we must discuss a radical topic: the exit from capitalism. Ecology for the 99% provides inspiration for building grassroots environmental movements through a lively discussion of the most persistent capitalist myths. It presents compelling evidence for why carbon market policies will fail, why a capitalist economy cannot be based on renewable energy sources, and why we should be protesting against overproduction, not overconsumption.

Ecology for the 99% is an antidote to apathy and a bulwark against false leads. Time is running out, we can’t afford to take any wrong turns.

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