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Earth First!

Earth First!

The Journal of Ecological Resistance

Earth First! (Editor)

  • Publisher: Earth First!
  • Format: Magazine
  • Pages: 60
  • Released: Apr 11, 2017

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No compromise in defense of mother earth! Here, four times a year, you'll find the latest news, updates, analysis, and arguments from the frontline fight to save the planet. The official paper of Earth First!, and an essential activist tool. Now revamped, with an all-anarchist editorial collective. It just gets better and better. In-depth articles, reviews, analysis. You name it. You want it.

This new issue is Eostar/Spring 2017 and features reportbacks from J20 and the 2017 Earth First! Organizers' Conference, an article by Joseph Buddenberg on the depth the FBI and federal prosecutors will go to secure a terrorism conviction, a letter from Kara Wild, a trans woman currently imprisoned in a men's prison in France, articles on Standing Rock, reviews, reports, and a lot more!

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